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Best Free Job Posting Websites in Saudi Arabia | Paid Job Boards


When it comes to hiring the best talent, the hiring process is crucial. In Saudi Arabia, there are a plethora of job opportunities across various industries waiting to be filled by qualified professionals.

To find these opportunities, job seekers and employers alike turn to the top job sites in the country. These job sites have a strong presence in Saudi Arabia and are known for their extensive database of job postings.

They offer a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for job seekers to search for and apply to relevant positions.

Employers can also benefit from these job sites as they provide them with a pool of qualified candidates to choose from. These platforms cater to all industries, from healthcare to engineering, finance, and many more.

Whether you are looking to hire talent in Jeddah, Riyadh, or any other city in Saudi Arabia, these job sites have you covered.

With their advanced search filters and personalized job alerts, job seekers can narrow down their search and stay up to date with the latest job openings in their field.

So, if you are a job seeker or an employer looking to fill a vacancy, these job sites are the go-to place to find the best opportunities and attract the top talent in Saudi Arabia. 

Let’s get started!

Best Free Job Posting Websites in Saudi Arabia

1. Broxer


Broxer is a free job posting site that makes finding the right employee easier than ever. With its user-friendly design and advanced search options, Broxer has everything employers need to post jobs online quickly and for free.

Finding the ideal candidate doesn’t need to be complicated, with Broxer you can connect in seconds to applicants all over the world – from the US, India, Canada to Europe, France, Germany and Brazil

Broxer is your trusted source as they make it easy to create the perfect job listing – just pick from their wide range of categories to narrow down search results.

Plus, refine your candidate searches to find exactly who you’re looking for. With a global network and services in all industries, Broxer is the number one place for employers looking to market their positions.

Take your recruitment process to the next level – try their  free job posting site today! It’s as simple as can be.

2. Snaphunt

Snaphunt helps employers all over the world find the perfect candidate for their team – no matter where they are. Employers can easily search hundreds of millions of profiles, with detailed filters including city, country, region, and timezone.

This makes it easy to find the person who is just right for their job. With Snaphunt, employers can build global or distributed teams quickly and easily.

So, you can post your jobs for free and then upgrade to a subscription plan, which will allow you to reach out to passive talent, conduct video interviews, get automated reference checks, and more.

All it takes is just a few clicks and you’re on your way to finding the right person for your business.

3. Careerjet


Careerjet offers a free job posting service in Saudi Arabia that helps you find the right candidate. You can search for job postings from companies and recruitment agencies, giving you access to positions you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

The website is easy to use and navigate, making it easy to post a job. So don’t wait – start your search today and discover the right hire for your role!

4. Bayt is an incredibly useful website that makes it easy for employers to find great candidates, and for job seekers to find top jobs in  North Africa as well as the Middle East.

Founded in 2000, is available in three languages and is designed to help you achieve your career goals. Their mission is to empower people with the tools and knowledge to build their lifestyles of choice. strives to be a globally recognized, respected and admired company that can help you make the most out of life.

There are thousands of new jobs being posted on every day, so you’re sure to find something that’s right for you. Don’t forget – it’s totally free!

5. Mourjan

In 2010, Mourjan Classifieds began running With a wealth of experience in classifieds and IT solutions, the team worked hard to create something new.

They developed a website for quicker performance, an Arabic-focused search engine, and a great user experience when looking to rent or buy property or vehicles. 

In 2012, became faster than ever before. Users could even post free online ads in whatever countries they wanted. Plus, always keeps up with the latest trends.

They put their users’ needs first. Today, they’re still working hard to improve and add even more services. Some services will help you out, and if you need something different just let them know. 

6. Gulfjobs

Gulfjobs is a free job portal for employers and job seekers in the Gulf region. It connects employers from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with potential job seekers from around the world.

Through Gulfjobs, employers can find the perfect fit for their organization and job seekers can find their dream job. Take advantage of this fast and easy way to exchange information. 

Employers post descriptions and details of jobs they want filled. Job seekers then register their profiles and apply for the job. The final decision on who is offered the job is made by the employer.

The portal makes it easy for job seekers. They can register their profile, build a CV online and search for jobs that suit them. They can even track their applications and see what stage it’s at in the process.

Employers can post an unlimited number of jobs for free and manage them with ease. Their job postings come with a dashboard, so they can review applications and chat with potential candidates.

Plus, they can browse candidates’ CVs to find the right person for the job. So, why wait? Post a job today and start hiring right away.

7. Jobomas

Jobomas makes it easy for employers in Saudi Arabia to find local talent. With over 400,000 candidate resumes in their database, they can help businesses fill positions quickly.

Lots of companies have used the platform to find the right people for their teams. As an added bonus, it also doesn’t break the bank. 

. Post your ad for free and get results fast. If you’re looking for more features, check out their Lite and Business Plans for just 149 and 359 SAR. Discover Jobomas today to see how it simplifies your search. 

8. Grabjobs


Are you on the hunt for tech employees in Saudi Arabia? Look no further than Grabjobs. Their platform streamlines the recruiting process and provides valuable tools to easily find and hire the right candidate.

With Grabjobs, you can post jobs for free to 20+ Job Boards, including LinkedIn. You can also upgrade to a paid plan which gives you even more options. Scheduling interviews, vetting candidates, tracking applications and maintaining engagement with talent have never been easier. 

Over 20,000 businesses love using the Grabjobs platform, which helps them spot top talent, fast. Whether you’re just starting out or ready for a new challenge, you can create a profile and apply in minutes. With Grabjobs’ AI assistant, your perfect hire is a few clicks away. 

9. Job Island

Looking for job postings? Job Island is the place to go. Employers, staffing agencies, and recruiters can post jobs for free. If you’re looking for more advanced tools, like featured postings or employer memberships, those options are available too.

Check out the Employer Membership page for full details. It’s all incredibly easy — just start your free online advertising today and post a job for free right now!

When you list your job vacancy for free, it will stay up for 10 days. Or you can extend it with a Premium job listing. If you need multiple job slots, membership is available.

If you want your job at the top of the listings, check out Featured job advertising. Get started quickly and find the right candidates for your openings.

10. Indeed

In Saudi Arabia, employers turn to Indeed. Every month, 2.5 million people visit their website. With a huge resume database and people uploading their CVs, finding the right candidates is fast and easy.

They have options that don’t cost anything or you can pay only when someone applies for the job. The prices depend on the job title and location- and you can control how much you spend by setting targets for applications.

Unfortunately, the free job postings can end up pushed to the lower pages of search results. To get better visibility, employers can promote their listings or pay extra for access to the resume database and easily find candidates that match their specified requirements.

11. LinkedIn


LinkedIn helps companies find the perfect team members. With 750 million profiles available, seeking out potential employees is an easy task.

Employers can post job opportunities tailored to their needs, search resumes and people who match their criteria, and get more visibility with job suggestions. LinkedIn makes it easy to build a winning team quickly and efficiently.

This platform also has a powerful feature called Advanced Search in People that helps you find what you need, quickly. Whether you’re looking for freelancers, remote workers or those with special availability, you’ll find them in a matter of seconds.

You can access the Advanced Search feature free of charge or pay for pay-per-click posts. Depending on the job type, industry and location, the cost of this feature will vary. 

12. Mihnati

Mihnati is the leading online recruitment provider in Saudi Arabia. With more than 9000 employers, 28,720 vacancies, and 3,095,026 applications received since its launch in 2006, it’s the go-to for job seekers from many industries and roles.

It’s free to use and more than 21,000 positions have been filled since then. Mihnati makes the recruitment process smoother and easier for everyone.

Posting your first job is free! Then, you can choose from different plans that suit your budget – starting from 160 USD and going up to 9060 USD. You’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

13. Akhtaboot

Akhtaboot is a top-rated job site for the Middle East and North African region. They have a variety of job packages for different prices, and they advertise in a variety of industries.

Popular companies, including Landmark Amman Hotel, ZenHR and Jawaker, use Akhtaboot for their hiring needs. Best of all, their services are totally free.

Plus, with 10 paid advertising plans, you can find the right option for your business. From single job posts and unlimited packages to CV searches and company credits, there’s something for everyone.

You can post jobs in 11 different countries, making it easy to find talent no matter where they come from.

Over 33,000 companies are already using Akhtaboot to find the perfect candidate. And with a single job post, you get access to candidate CVs even after the job posting has expired.

Plus, job postings are more affordable when they’re limited to just one country. You can save up to 500 CVs each month… for free! 

If you need more, choose a Job Postings plan for $149 for thirty days. The Welcome Package ($999) is great for those looking to make four job postings and search for one month.

The Small Business Package ($2499) gives twelve postings and searches up to three months, while the Medium Business Package ($4499) offers twenty-four postings and six months of searching.

Corporate businesses can get unlimited postings for a year with the Corporate Plan ($9999). There are also packages available for unlimited postings a month ($1500) or a year ($5999).

Akhtaboot also provides CV Searching for $799, and Featured Job/Company credits for fifteen days each, at $300 and $550 respectively.

14. Wzayef

If you need to recruit in the Middle East, can help. It’s an ATS recruiting product that’s available in several countries. Posting a job opening is quick and easy, and you can source for multiple jobs at once.

For job seekers, there are thousands of listings available with a simple search. With more than 70,000 advertisers, is the most trusted resource for employers and job seekers alike. It’s totally free and the perfect way to find your next hire! receives thousands of visitors each day from across the Middle East. It ranks highly when searching for jobs in the area. With, you can target the most educated and talented people from the region.

Your advertisement will be seen in each country in the Middle East, from east to west. 

15. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is free and easy to join. Sign up to get access to employer profiles, to start conversations and shape your organisation’s brand story. By connecting with your employees, you can show candidates what it’s like to work for you and reinforce your company values.

Reviews are an essential part of boosting employer branding. Use Glassdoor to ask your staff for their feedback and insight – it’ll help you improve retention and make a great impression.

With their suite of products, meeting your employer’s branding needs has never been easier.

Apart from the free plan, the platform has two plans to choose from and find the perfect fit for your business. The Free plan includes basic company info and mission, review requests and responses, and employer profile analytics.

For more features, the Select plan adds an industry benchmark report, affiliated profiles, and access to Indeed Company Pages Premium. Get started now and make the most of your business.

Top Job Platform for Employers to Hire Talent: Paid

1. SaudiJobSearch

If you’re looking to advertise jobs in Saudi Arabia or the Middle East, SaudiJobSearch is here to help. Whether you’re a recruiter or an employer, they can provide you with ways to spread the word about your open positions.

They also specialize in customizing recruitment solutions for your specific needs. With them, you can connect with a larger audience and make sure your job openings reach the right people.

This platform gives you a great opportunity to promote your job listing. With Sponsored Jobs, it will be highlighted on the top of all pages so more people will see it.

Plus, they guarantee 5 résumés per listing. For companies with an ongoing recruitment need, they have packages with special services like premium job postings, featured jobs, CV search and branding opportunities. You’ll be sure to attract the best candidates!

SaudiJobSearch also has lots of banner and text link placements that you can use. They cover industries such as Information Technology, Engineering, Medical, Education, Finance and Management.

Their existing CV retrieval system lets you search through their vast database of job seekers. Soon, you’ll be able to access it online.

2. Tanqeeb

Tanqeeb makes it easy to publish job advertisements. You can use their CV search service to quickly find the right person for the job, no matter what skill you need or where they are located. The search page includes advanced options to help you find exactly what you need.

With Tanqeeb, employers get access to special tools to help manage their candidate pool. It lets them organize candidates into different folders and assign them a ranking.

They can also add comments to each candidate so that the recruitment process is easy to keep track of. This means employers can quickly sort through and find the best candidates for their team. is the biggest jobs search engine for the Greater Middle East and North Africa. It connects job seekers to a broad range of positions from all of the region’s leading companies, recruitment websites, and newspapers.

With just one page, you can quickly and easily see what’s available throughout the MENA area – no time wasted clicking from site to site! So, contact them for pricing today!

3. AllRemote

Need to expand your team with talent from all over the world? AllRemote can connect you with skilled professionals from over 20 countries. They handle the recruitment process, so all you need to do is decide who fits your needs and time zone best.

Onboarding and managing your new remote employees is a breeze – just four simple steps and you’ll be ready to go!

So far, over 62 customers have used their services with great results – they’ve saved an amazing 13,000 hours of work! Plus, they offer access to over 1 million talented people.

This helps employers to quickly and effectively find and hire the best employees for them – they have a stellar 5:1 interview rate-to-hire rate. And the best part? Their services are competitively priced, making them a great choice for any business.

By paying as you go, you get low monthly subscription fees instead of high upfront costs. This means that onboarding new staff can be done without breaking the budget. Everyone can breathe easily and stay productive with AllRemote.

4. Monster


Are you looking for new employees in Saudi Arabia? Monster has you covered! Every day, over 2,400 resumes are viewed by recruiters from all corners of the globe. Boost your job ad with Monster – just $15 a day – and watch it spread across 200 partner sites.

Don’t forget to optimize your job ad for mobile devices so you can reach potential employees anytime, day or night. If you’re looking to post multiple job openings, sign up for Monster’s Standard package ($399/mo).

With Monster’s Paid Plan, you’ll have more capabilities to find great job candidates. Your job openings will stay active for two months and be valid for a whole year, plus applicants can get email filters that match their preferences.

What’s more, you’ll get response management software to keep an eye on responses. The Magic Filter Technology makes it so easy to find the applicants that suit your job best. Try Monster Paid and get your recruitment process started right away!

5. helps you find the best job for you in 78 countries, with over 35 million job postings posted each month! 60 million unique users visit every month to view 28 million jobs. ensures maximum efficiency for job searches with optimized recruitment solutions and higher ROI. 

The platform provides a simple approach to digital recruitment with easy-to-navigate products and tools. Their extensive global network ensures you find the right person for the job.

There are no long-term contracts, so you can adjust your campaign needs at any time. Plus, their team of account managers and client success experts provide personalized service that is tailored to your needs.

Get in touch today to learn more about pricing and how to get started!

6. Naukrigulf

Naukrigulf offers the fastest way to find your ideal employee in the Gulf region. Launched in early 2006, this trusted platform receives daily visits from job seekers from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar.

With Naukrigulf’s huge range of solutions, search millions of CVs to find the best candidates from over 160 nationalities.

Plus, with an updated candidate list every 4 seconds and over 80% of them having 3+ years experience, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your business.

Naukrigulf offers job postings at a great value. For just $250, you can get five job postings that stay valid for one whole year. You also get the option to shortlist using more than 27 criteria. Don’t wait any longer—enjoy an exceptional value today!


Thus, there are several job posting websites in Saudi Arabia that offer a range of services for both employers and job seekers. Among the free job posting websites, Broxer is considered one of the best.

Another great free option is Akhtaboot, which focuses on the Middle East and North Africa region. Finally, Saudi Job Bank is a government-run website that provides a platform for employers to post their job vacancies and for job seekers to search and apply for jobs.

It is a reliable source for finding job opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

When it comes to paid job posting websites, LinkedIn stands out as one of the best. Another paid option is Naukri Gulf, which focuses on the Gulf region including Saudi Arabia. 

Overall, whether you are looking for a free or paid job posting website in Saudi Arabia, these options mentioned above are considered some of the best in terms of user-friendliness, job categories, and the size of their databases.

Whether you are an employer trying to find the best candidates or a job seeker looking for the perfect job opportunity, these websites can help you in your search. 

Good Luck!

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