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Best Websites for Freelance Developer Jobs

Web developers have always been in a lot of demand and if you are one who wants to start your carrier as a web developer or are looking to make some extra money by showcasing your coding skills, there are a lot of websites that can help you get work as a freelance developer. Here at Broxer, we have compiled a list of the best websites/platforms where you can find as a freelance developer jobs


Upwork is for both experienced and novice freelancers. This website is probably one of the most popular platforms for freelance developers to find work. With lots of options to choose from Upwork ensures that both the client and the worker find what they are looking for. Upwork include impressive clientele that includes companies like Panasonic, Unilever, Pinterest, Zendesk, and more. Freelancers on Upwork can pick from a variety of high-paying gigs that make for a welcome addition to their portfolios.

Simply Hired

Simply hired is for anyone looking for a job as a freelancer be it in any field. Freelancers can work from a lot of countries, more than 24 countries at present and in 12 different languages. Therefore if you are not someone comfortable speaking in English you should definitely give this platform a try. The website includes a blog with hiring tips as well a location-based search.


Here you can find all your regular freelancers looking out for work. These include programmers, designers, and writers. What Ifreelance does better than any other sites is allow the freelancers to keep 100% of their earnings, unlike most of the other platforms whose fees and rates vary.


Toptal is a website for anyone that has no time to fool and want to find work as soon as possible. Toptal removes a lot of hassle that you might otherwise face on a lot of other websites. You can make a profile in no time without jumping through any hoops. You will also enjoy the payment protection that ensures you’re always paid for the hours you work.

People Per Hour

The website is primarily aimed at web projects for marketers, SEO specialists, and software engineers. However, the website works to consolidate the process of freelancing by organizing communication and payments as well as job management. The website allows you to send a maximum of 15 proposals to clients before asking you to sign up. Yes, the sign-up process is not free, however, if you do Sign up you will have to access to a lot of premium features. You can still browse jobs and get notified of new openings at no cost without signing up. Peopleperhour is a website you should definitely check out especially if you are a freelance developer.

Well, that is it. A list of great websites to help you get your freelancing carrier as a freelance developer started. All these websites are great for anyone looking to make some extra money or looking to make a carrier as a freelancer. However, you need to be patient. If you expect to start earning big bucks in no time let be break it to that won’t happen. Freelancing is something in which in need to put lots of time and effort if you want to earn those big bucks. Also, always give your best in all your projects and in no time you’ll see that you’ll be able to find work fairly easily.

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