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Best Free Job Posting Sites in Colombia | Best Paid Job Boards 


In today’s highly connected world, the internet has become a portal for finding and connecting with the best talent worldwide. Free job posting sites play a crucial role in this process by providing a platform for employers and job seekers to meet and link up.

These platforms serve as a central place where recruiters can find a wide range of candidates from different backgrounds, industries, and cultures.

This is particularly important for a country like Colombia, where the demand for skilled professionals is high and the need to attract foreign talent is often a priority.

By utilizing job websites in Colombia, both local and international recruiters can tap into a diverse pool of candidates, enhancing their chances of finding the ideal fit for their organizations.

Additionally, these platforms also provide educational resources and support for job seekers, helping them improve their skills and increase their chances of securing a job opportunity.

Overall, the importance of free job posting sites cannot be understated as they facilitate the connection between employers and job seekers, promoting economic growth and development in Colombia. 

So, let’s get started!

Best Free Job Posting Sites in Colombia

1. Broxer


Broxer makes finding the perfect employee easy. It’s a free job posting site with an easy-to-use interface and powerful search capabilities.

Companies from all over the world – from Germany to Colombia- can post jobs online for free. Plus, Broxer offers a wide range of candidates from all different locations.

With a global network of active participants and services across industries, it’s the go-to spot for finding people who fit your requirements. Plus, they simplify the search process so you only find what you need.

Whether you’re looking for a part-time role or a full-time post, the right candidate is out there. Take your recruitment efforts to the next level with Broxer. Their easy-to-use site ensures you get the most out of your hiring process and quickly find the perfect match for your team.

2. Computrabajo

Computrabajo makes it easier to find jobs. Launched in 1999, they are one of the leading job networks in Latin America. Over 19 Spanish-speaking countries use them, and they’re the third biggest employment group in the world.

They are especially popular in Colombia – 8.8 million people visit the website every month. Their reviews and salary details help employers stand out, so it’s no wonder they have over 98,000 active listings – including 3,000 in English.

Foreign employers can also use Computrabajo, but you need to be able to speak Spanish as the website isn’t available in English. You also need a tax number or foreign tax ID to register. So make your job search easy – use Computrabajo today.

Computrabajo offers three pricing plans: Free, Standard, Advanced, and Premium. With free ads, you can get access to the initial 15 applications. Standard ads offer unlimited access.

Advanced ads stay at the top of the list and get refreshed weekly. Premium ads provide access to the resume database and you can download up to 10 resumes per posted ad. You cannot buy access to the CV library separately.

3. Elempleo

Millions of people turn to Elempleo each month to find job opportunities. With major international clients like Adidas and Accenture, 60,000 job postings and 1,800 of those in English, Elempleo is a popular job board in Colombia.

Even though the platform doesn’t have English UI support yet, people from all around the world can still access it and register as long as they have a Colombian tax number.

Plus, your first ad on the platform is free and will stay active for five days. On top of that you are able to view the first 15 applicants of your ad! Lastly, remember that ads are listed based on chronological order and that both free and paid ones appear alongside each other.

Elempleo has several options for you. You can get a 7-day offer for 83,193 COP, where you get access to the first 30 applications. There’s also the Full offer, which is active for 30 days and includes unlimited applications, available at a discount when purchased in bulk.

For a bigger savings, there’s the Flexi Pack of 4,103,000 COP, which includes 16 Full offers with unlimited applications. For employers with more regular hiring needs, Elempleo offers annual subscription packages which have unlimited job offers.

These include the Basic plan for 10,830,000 COP + VAT, the Featured plan for 17,100,000 COP+VAT with employer branding options, candidate matching and targeted emails; or the Business Brand plan for 26,505,000 COP +VAT.

All plans have unlimited access to the resume database and greater employer branding options.

4. Jobomas

Jobomas was founded in Mexico in 2007. It now operates in 60 countries around the world and is very popular in Colombia, with 330,000 monthly visits. Famous employers like Ford, Coca-Cola, and FedEx have listed jobs on Jobomas, totaling 7,000 in Colombia.

Only 40 of these are in English, but registering for an international employer account is simple and there is an English version of the website.

Jobomas has two types of individual ads to choose from: Free and Premium. Free ads last for 30 days, while Premium ads last for 60 days. For an additional fee, you can upgrade to the Premium plan and get access to 50 resumes from the database.

Or you can choose one of the subscription options for unlimited Premium ads. A monthly subscription is 219,900 COP and provides access to 50 resumes.

The yearly subscription is 2,199,000 COP and includes access to 200 resumes. On top of that, Jobomas boasts an extensive resume database with over 4 million entries from Colombia – 10 resumes from which can be accessed for 99,900 COP.

Get the right applicant for your job today!

5. Un Mejor Empleo

Un Mejor Empleo has been connecting job seekers and employers since 2007. It operates in 12 Latin American countries, plus Spain. Every month, 300,000 users visit the website in Colombia.

There are over 4,500 job listings on the platform, 10 of them in English. With Un Mejor Empleo, it’s free to post job ads – and you can submit an unlimited number. The basic package allows you to contact 20 applicants.

If you pay $10 to promote your listing, you can reach all applicants. Plus, promoted ads have increased visibility through email notifications and appear at the top of the list.

Un Mejor Empleo can take care of job ads for up to two months. Its team reviews each offer before publishing, so you can be sure that they will look right when they go live.

Sign up to get started today, and once your company data is validated, you’ll be able to access the applications you receive. You can manage them right on the platform with its native tools, or have them sent to your email address.

Plus, Un mejor empleo has an extensive database of over one million resumes. Check it out when you validate your data and check out its pricing and features. 

6. Acciontrabajo

Acciontrabajo offers companies a free service, as well as advanced services such as access to the resume bank and cost-effective options for advertising positions.

Why can they bring lower prices than competitors? Well, that’s because a network of 180 employment websites has absorbed the investment in infrastructure and personnel. At the end of the day, their goal is to provide quality services at affordable prices.

Acciontrabajo helps you find reliable help quickly. They’ve been owned by W3 Ltd. in the UK since 2001, and they offer more than just job postings – like HR consulting and translation services.

You can choose from up to three different types of job postings. With both free and paid plans, there’s something for any budget. Acciontrabajo has also got a searchable resume database, plus an English language version too.

7. Trabajos

Trabajos is a job search site in Colombia, helping employers find the right fit for their positions. With free job posting and the option to promote listings, you can reach the perfect employees quickly and easily.

Positions are available in all industries, such as warehouse, transportation, administration, commercial, healthcare, technical and more.

From a free unit offer with no risk, to a full pack that will cover multiple jobs in a single year, there is an option to fit the needs of every personnel search.

Need to search the database and find the perfect profile? Then try the curriculum searcher! You can even publish unlimited offers in any province or profession with the Employment Center. No matter what you need, Trabajos has a service to suit your needs.

8. LinkedIn


Are you a Colombian employer looking for experienced professionals to join your team? Look no further than LinkedIn!

With over 750 million profiles, LinkedIn is an international platform that provides employers with the ability to post jobs tailored to their specific requirements and draw talent from all over.

Like a job board, you can easily find resumes and people of interest by entering different parameters. With the job suggestion feature, you can get even more exposure to potential candidates. 

LinkedIn has a function called Advanced Search in People. With it, you can search exactly for what you’re looking for. Need remote workers, freelancers or jobseekers with particular availability? You can find them on LinkedIn.

On the platform, you can pick between two plans: free and paid ‘pay-per-click’ posts. How much you pay depends on specifics such as job title, industry, and where the position is located. The free plan is also available.

9. Jobs Micro

Jobs Micro is one of the top job posting sites in Colombia. It’s great features make it the most reliable and effective way for employers to get the ideal candidate for the job.

With Jobs Micro, employers can keep track of their postings, edit or delete existing posts, manage candidates, create shortlists, and reach out to potential hires. Jobs Micro is a reliable and trustworthy platform every employer can depend on.

Jobs Micro offers employers free access to candidates from all over the world. It’s simple for employers and candidates to contact one another, so it’s no surprise that we’re the best free job posting website in Colombia.

With no cost, employers can get the same benefits as they would get with a premium service. It’s never been easier to find the perfect candidate.

10. Job Island

Employers and employment agencies can post jobs for free on this job board. Or you can choose to upgrade your posting with Premium Job Posting or Featured Job Advertising.

You don’t have to pay anything to get started – just sign up and post a job for free. You can learn more about Paid Features and Employer Membership by visiting the Employer Membership page. 

When you list your vacancy for free, it will be visible for 10 days. If you want your job listed for longer, try a Premium listing. Or, if you have lots of job postings, consider getting a Membership.

Of course, there’s also Featured job advertising to choose from – which gives your ads top placement. No matter the option you choose, Job Island has got you covered!.

11. Gigajob

Gigajob wants to make it easier for employers to find the perfect employee at no cost. That’s why Gigajob has partnered with the leading job site, Indeed. Through this partnership, users of Gigajob can post job advertisements on Indeed, free of charge.

Expand your recruitment efforts to reach more qualified potential employees. Since 1996, Gigajob has been working hard to ensure employers have the tools they need to find the right people. 

12. ESL Employment

Job seekers can use this platform to discover new opportunities and simplify their search. For employers, it’s a streamlined way to recruit and hire the right people.

This resource was crafted to specifically address the growing demand for English language workers. It’s got an intuitive design and user-friendly features that make it ideal for today’s busy world. is part of the Get It group of career communities, which can give you a range of powerful tools to help you recruit candidates.

With Get It, you can post jobs for free and it will be automatically distributed to all relevant sites in the Get All Jobs network.

You’ll also get free access to Adapult Premium, an easy-to-use platform that allows you to advertise on the biggest advertising network in the world – Google Ads. To top it off, Get It also has an intuitive employer dashboard that can help you manage your recruitment process. 

13. Jooble


Jooble is one of the world’s top 10 job websites, offering free service and PPC promotion starting at 376 COP per click. It takes just 7 minutes to create an offer, and more than 2.5 million people visit each month. Taking it one step further, premium service starts at 25 dollars. 

The free plan of the platform comes with many features. You can publish as much as you want, and it will never expire. Get access to your personal account so you can take advantage of all our features.

Get the data you need to measure your success with their analytics feature. It’s all included in their free plan. Don’t wait – get started now! 

14. Indeed

Indeed makes finding quality workers quick and easy, thanks to its large resume database and users uploading their CVs. Over 2.5 million people visit Indeed every month, making it the third most popular job board in Colombia.

Plus, you can use the free option or CPA promotion to control your spending. Prices can vary based on job title and location, with the ability to limit spending by setting a target number of received applications.

Employers can quickly reach out to a large pool of potential candidates with a free job listing. But, these posts start off well, but rapidly lose visibility and move down to the second and beyond pages.

Sponsoring your post helps fight this, giving you better results with a $10 fee for each application you get. There is also the option of accessing the resume database for an additional fee to find candidates that best fit your profile.

15. BuscoJobs

BuscoJobs has been around since 2007 and is the leader in job market intermediaries in Uruguay. It always keeps up to date with technological updates and new features to make it easier for job hunters and employers.

Its success has allowed it to expand into Argentina, Spain, and many Latin American countries. It continues to invest in new and improved information technology that lets them compete on an international level.

Get started for free with their standard offering and post unlimited listings. Ads stay active for 60 days, giving you plenty of time to find the right people for the job.

Plus, additional features like sharing to social media, pre-selection questions, and application management tools are all included in their paid plan starting at just $200. Don’t delay – find talented and qualified people quickly and easily with BuscoJobs. 

16. offers recruiting solutions designed to help you find the right personnel quickly. With over 35 million job offers in 78 countries, is one of the biggest job websites in the world.

Every month, more than 28 million people visit their site to search for their dream job. They make sure to provide you with the highest ROI your company could receive in hiring – giving you the best hiring experience and talent possible.

It’s free to post ads, plus you can pay to promote them. Automatically upload your ads from your website and integrate them with your applicant tracking system for even more convenience. Joining can help you find the perfect hire quickly and easily.

List of Paid Job Board: Hire Talent in Colombia

1. Career jet


Careerjet is a search engine that helps jobseekers find relevant job postings quickly and easily. It scans over 58,000 job boards from around the world, creating a single database of listings.

By using Careerjet, you don’t need to search individual job boards – just use one search query to get results from all of them. It doesn’t host or copy job postings – instead it takes you directly to the original post.

As an employer, Careerjet is completely free for you to use. Your job listing will automatically be posted on 58,000 job boards – no extra effort required.

Careerjet has partnered with 20+ tracking systems, so you can streamline the integration process. This means that job applicants can apply through Careerjet and their information will be delivered straight to your system.

With prices starting at 189,000 COP for a package, or 90,000 COP for an individual ad, you’ll always have access to great value. 

2. Jobrapido

Jobrapido is constantly on the lookout for the most qualified talent. 58 countries, over 55 million monthly visits and over 100 million registered users – Jobrapido helps you to find the right job faster.

Using their Smart Intuition Technology, they send out over 60 million Job Alerts daily so you always stay up-to-date about available positions. With more than 35 million new jobs posted all the time, you can be sure that they’re always on the lookout for your perfect match!

Every day, Jobrapido helps companies find top talent for their team. They have a huge network of over 100 million job seekers plus partners to make sure the right people are found.

Their automated systems make it easier than ever to get the perfect fit. Companies can subscribe for 3 months with a fee of £350. It’s an efficient and effortless way to make sure you get the talent you need.

3. Mipleo

Mipleo can help make finding your next great hire quick and easy. Post a job for only $29.99 and reach a broad range of job seekers. With an array of categories, from Commercial and Sales to Design and Decoration, you’re sure to find the right fit for your team.

Plus, no need for application management tools or messaging features. Unfortunately, Mipleo isn’t available in English but it does offer redistribution of ads on partner websites and access to a searchable resume database. 

You can look also post job vacancies in a variety of locations, such as Amazon, Antioch, Arauca, Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, Atlantic, Bogota DC, Bolivar, Boyacá and beyond. Browse available positions and apply today to get closer to your dream job. 

4. Visage

Visage is shaking up the job search world. It’s the go-to resource for job seekers and employers. With a massive job board, Visage provides the perfect connection between the right talents and ideal jobs.

Plus, with their simple, user-friendly design, it’s easier than ever to apply for jobs directly from their website. 

Visage can help you increase the productivity of your team by up to 50% – that’s four times better than LinkedIn InMail! Plus, you don’t need any extra headcount for the budget.

Visage offers an on-demand consumption fee model which gives you the flexibility to scale with your needs. It’s a great way to get enterprise-level sourcing. Contact them to find out what their custom pricing is.


Thus, if you are looking to find the best job opportunities in Colombia, our list of free job posting sites will be extremely useful for you. Colombia boasts a thriving job market with various companies across different industries.

Whether you are a foreigner seeking employment or a candidate in Colombia, our list will ensure that you have access to the best job opportunities in the country.

The jobboards included in our list are reputable and well-known platforms where employers actively search for candidates to fill their vacancies.

What sets our list apart is that it specifically caters to non-Spanish speakers as well as Spanish speakers, ensuring that there are job opportunities available for individuals who may not be fluent in the language.

This unique feature is particularly beneficial for foreigners who may be looking to work in Colombia but do not have a strong grasp of Spanish.

By using our list of free job posting sites, you can easily navigate through the various options available and find the best talent to hire for your desired job role.

With a range of different candidates searching for job roles on our recommended platforms, you can explore multiple industries and find the perfect job match.

Good Luck!

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