Broxer is a freelancing marketplace and digital services’ buying/selling platform. Started in 2017, with a hope to connect freelancers and service buyers without eating a significant part of their hard earned money in the form of commissions and processing charges.

About Our Team

We are a dedicated team of hardworking freelancers working 24/7 to make this platform worth using for freelancers. Fed up with the current freelancing system, we came up with this idea to help all online freelancers by providing the same quality of service at an affordable price.

Main Objective

BROXER is launched especially for Indian freelancers in order to help them grow against high commissions and transactional charges charged by Non-Indian Platforms. Such high commissions can hurt small freelancers’ profits and growth very badly. Moreover, all their transactions are done in foreign currencies which adds to those high commissions in the form of currency conversion charges. With us, you will not feel the same anymore. We hope our service will help you in cutting commission costs and earning you more.