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Best Free Job Posting Sites in Brazil | Paid Online Job Boards


Brazil is known for having one of the largest job markets in the world. With a population of over 216 million people, finding the right talent for your company can be a daunting task.

That’s where our top job sites list comes in. As one of the largest and most popular job sites in Brazil, these platforms are dedicated to helping companies find the perfect candidate for their job vacancies.

Whether you’re looking to advertise a job description for a Brazilian job or attract top talent from around the world, the platforms given below provide a comprehensive solution.

They offer a wide range of services, including the ability to post full-time jobs and attract top talent. With their user-friendly interface and extensive database, finding the right candidate has never been easier.

So, let’s get you started!

Best Free Job Posting Sites in Brazil

1. Broxer


Broxer makes it easy for employers to find the right employees for their business. With an easy-to-use interface and advanced search features, you’ll have no trouble posting jobs online for free.

Broxer can help you find exactly what you need—from anywhere in the world, including the US, India, Canada, Australia, and the UK to Europe, France, Germany, Brazil and more.

In addition to a wide range of categories, their reliable job site helps to refine your searches for candidates who meet all of your specific requirements.

Plus, their global network and services reach across multiple industries, making it the premier destination for employers in search of the best job board to post jobs for free. Seize your recruitment journey with Broxer now!

2. SimplyHired: one of the best job posting websites in brazil

SimplyHired connects employers to job seekers quickly and easily. With a free resume builder, you can create an in-demand job and it will be sent to hundreds of sites.

Plus, access qualified candidates with a large database of resumes. This makes SimplyHired perfect for entry-level positions, like hospitality, sales, and customer service roles. 

The platform is a great choice if you want to post free job openings. You only need to pay if you’re interested in contacting the applicants. However, it’s possible that the candidates you’ve paid for won’t actually respond.

You can’t get your listings to show up more often either, unlike other sites. Make sure to consider these points before using SimplyHired.

3. ZipRecruiter 

ZipRecruiter makes it easy for employers in Brazil. Post your job today and start getting candidates in minutes—maybe the perfect fit for your business.

Try it out with a four-day free trial—no commitments required. Once you’ve found the right person, simply close the job and start all over again. ZipRecruiter simplifies the search and helps get you closer to hiring in no time. Check it out—it’s free!

Their dashboard lets you sort, review and rate applicants quickly. Plus, their free trial has no strings attached. Need to change posts? No problem – there are no thirty-day commitments. ZipRecruiter provides a fast way to simplify the process.

4. Indeed


People rely on Indeed for job postings. You can create a free job posting that lets you do things like post an unlimited number of openings, screen resumes, and accept applications from mobile devices.

Plus, you can manage applications right in your Indeed Account. Paid plans give you even more options, like building hiring campaigns and only paying when job postings are opened.

It’s all easy to use – even if you’re new to the process – thanks to Indeed’s simple, minimalist interface. Through their services, you can post free job listings, purchase sponsored opportunities, or search for the perfect candidate with a CV search.

They offer two packages: a standard option which is $100/month or $960/year and a professional option that’s $250/month or $2,400/year. And you don’t have to wait long to find your ideal hire; Indeed’s expansive network of applicants makes the right hire quickly available.

5. LinkedIn: post remote jobs or freelance jobs

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for those looking for jobs or talent. People have their entire experience listed, including qualifications, previous roles and references, so you can quickly and easily get a complete picture.

Plus, it removes the stress of looking for work or hiring staff, as all the relevant information is right there. With LinkedIn, you can simplify the hiring process and find the perfect person for the job.

It offers many helpful features, such as a profile and resources for building a career. You can post jobs for free, but be aware that some features require you to pay.

A separate login is also necessary to get full access to job-related sections. Unfortunately, not all workers, such as those working hourly or on shift, may find it as beneficial. Additionally, it’s more of a social network than a human resource management platform.

6. Google For Jobs 

GoogleForJobs is a free job posting channel that helps employers reach a wide range of jobseekers. Employers can post jobs directly on their website and they don’t have to spend any money.

Plus, job postings can be indexed and listed in Google search results when someone searches for related keywords.

Third-party sites like Indeed and Glassdoor are already integrated with GoogleForJobs, so employers can take advantage of all these resources without any extra effort.

7. JobSpider

JobSpider wants to make it as easy as possible for employers to get their job postings out there. They offer a free employment information exchange job board that has all the features you need.

Easily post jobs, search through resumes, or create job alerts. And with their bulk import feature, you can quickly and easily get large numbers of jobs listed in your database without manually entering each one. All at an affordable cost!

It seamlessly works with applicant tracking systems (ATS). If it’s not already integrated, your provider can get in touch with JobSpider to have it included.

8. Jora

Jora is great for businesses who seek to post multiple job openings each month. No cost to post jobs, and you get access to millions of job seekers. Jora sources job ads from partner websites and helps with systems integration.

Plus, visitors can check out your career listings directly from your website. You get all this without a price tag! Make multiple posts monthly on Jora and open yourself up to a world of job seekers.

Jora gives you the power to post up to 10 job ads a month. They’ll be available on the search engine for 28 days. When ready, potential candidates will be directed to their origin source to apply. So take advantage and make your job post to start recruiting today!

9. Wellfound


Wellfound is the leading platform for collaboration in the tech startup industry. It’s a bit like LinkedIn and it connects over 25,000 startups and tech companies with millions of active and passive job seekers.

Posting jobs and hiring candidates is free on the site, making it a great resource for employers and job seekers alike. Whether you’re an employer or employee, let Wellfound be your first step to finding the perfect match.

Post your job listings for free with Wellfound, and get access to 2.3 million candidates & resume views. You can choose to upgrade for a wider selection. Explore now and find applicants for any role!

10. Glassdoor

Glassdoor helps you find the perfect candidate for free. Whether you’re a recruiter or an employer, Glassdoor can provide a great way for you to reach professional talent.

Even better – by partnering up with Indeed, you can post your job on both platforms at no cost for a limited time. If you want to promote your job listing for longer, you can sponsor it on Indeed and use Glassdoor for employer branding and insight.

Find the right people quickly and easily with Glassdoor today. All you need to do is select a budget from $5 to $499 per day. Your ad will be seen on Glassdoor, Indeed, and other partner job sites.

Plus, upgrading to Glassdoor gives you extra exposure that can attract even more potential applicants. You can also learn about recruiting with webinars, templates, and reports. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to search resumes or contact passive jobseekers. 

11. Jobomas

Jobomas is the perfect place for employers to find talented candidates. It’s fast and easy to get the ball rolling – post your job with just three clicks, and you’ll have hundreds of applications to choose from.

You can also create your own CV database and let Jobomas help you build your employer brand. With tools designed to make recruiting easier, Jobomas has everything you need to make the most of your hiring process.

Jobomas provides access to a huge database of over 2.5 million candidates. With a Jobomas job post, you’ll get maximum exposure through their partner networks.

Plus, all your recruitment process can be managed with one unique tool. The platform has three different plans, including a free plan and a paid plans worth BRL 239 and BRL 574. Get the perfect candidate for your job with Jobomas.

12. Empregos

Empregos has been making it easier for companies to find the perfect hires since 1998. With over 3.8 million candidates and 190,000 companies looking for the right fit, Empregos is a powerful tool.

Posting a job is free and easy – it only takes a few minutes to fill out the form. With the employer dashboard, you can even manage ads and applicants with ease and set filters to sort out the most suitable applications.

You can browse candidates in the platform’s rich resume database & filter these candidates by region, experience, position and keywords to find the best fit for your needs.

You can organize CVs in baskets for easy management as you go through resumes. However, you should be aware of possible fake profiles and limited international reach.

Portuguese is the primary language used in job posts, and colleagues from abroad may not be able to find what they’re looking for.

13. Jobatus

Finding great talent can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. With Jobatus, you can find everything you need in one place. The digital board has 842,000 registered candidates, plus over 5,000 employers looking to hire across Brazil.

It’s great for local and international hiring too – just choose the language you want your ad to be posted in: Portuguese, English or Spanish. Jobatus promises that your ad will be featured at the top of the search results – but you’ll need to contact their team to find out more

With their online resume database, you have access to over 346,000 CVs at the click of a button. You don’t need an account to open them, but you do need one if you want to save them.

If your website has open positions, you can also submit your XML feed to Jobatus so that their job board gets automatically updated whenever you post a new job ad.

A potential downside is that there is no candidate matching, meaning applicants might not meet your criteria. You can avoid this by using an ATS or screening platform to ensure only qualified candidates apply.

14. BuscoJobs

BuscoJobs has been the go-to for recruiters and job seekers in Brazil for the past 15 years. Over 2 million registered candidates have signed up, making it one of the biggest websites of its kind.

Job postings are mostly in Portuguese, but there’s a significant number of English postings too, with IT sectors being especially well-represented.

Post a basic job for free, and get 60-day visibility. There are three plans you can choose from, based on the length of service: 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Prices vary depending on the plan — quarterly, bi-annually, or annually.

Each plan offers specific features. The most advanced features are only available in the annual plan. Should you need a certain feature and don’t want to commit long-term, this is the perfect option for you.

15. Catho

Catho is the all-in-one solution for finding Brazilian talent. With over 10 million registered users and 6,000 new resumes uploaded daily, Catho provides multiple tools to make the search process easier.

Filters, candidate recommendations, and compatibility scores are just some of the tools they offer. Plus, they have a free plan available for those who want to keep it simple – post unlimited job offers, no hidden fees.

Catho has three different tiers you can pay for to access the platform’s full potential. Essential costs 89 Brazilian Reals monthly and Intermediate costs 885 BRL monthly, and Advanced costs 1,255 BRL monthly. But if you choose to pay annually, you can save 70% on Intermediate and Advanced plans.

The image shows the features you can unlock with each plan. Intermediate and Advanced plans get you access to resume posting, plus useful add-ons.

There are some drawbacks though: English job posts and website interface aren’t available. Catho is only in Portuguese, with some posts written in Spanish.

16. Vagas Rio

Vagas Rio has some rules for all job postings. Ads should not try to hide courses as job openings. Plus, it’s never allowed to restrict applications based on gender, age, marital status, and race.

Ads like these will either be edited or ignored. Self-employment offers must be clearly stated in the content of the ad. They accept these ads, but not if they seem like a job offer that deceives people.

You can post and advertise your job for free, with the affordable option of having a featured ad. And it’s easy to use – no need to worry about complexity; the text will be different and the ad will show up during busier times of the day, at least once within 24 hours.

Keep your advertisement short and simple for maximum effectiveness. All job postings on this site are verified for accuracy. Unfortunately, resumes can’t be accessed on the site and there may be extra ads popping up to distract you.

But don’t worry, it’s still free to use. If you want to make your job announcement stand out, you can make it a featured ad for only 15 BRL!

17. Vagas

Vagas is the go-to platform for companies who want to make smarter, faster hiring decisions. With 23 million professionals registered, Vagas lets you find the right fit for your job – quickly and easily.

You can advertise your vacancies on Vagas and other career portals, then use Vagas’ accurate screening to find the best-suited applicants. With 70 of the top 100 companies in Brazil onboard, Vagas is one of the most trusted recruitment systems today. 

Other than this, it has 17 million candidates registered & is the #1 destination for job seekers. Every month, 8 million people apply and 36 million visitors are actively using the site.

Employers can customize Vagas’ pricing plan to best fit their needs, and take advantage of additional features such as video interview tools, behavioral assessments, and a career portal.

Every year, more than 150 million positions are conducted via the platform, 10 million applications are made, 23 million professionals are registered, and 2 million companies have clients.

Vagas For Business offers 3 different payment plans that are tailored to the needs of your company. These plans come as pre-paid bundles of credits or a subscription and prices vary. Reach out to us to learn more about our plans and prices.

Paid Job Boards for Job Posting in Brazil

1. OLX

If you need to recruit, OLX is the place to go. They have over 60 million monthly users, with around 2 million job seekers among them. Their ads cost 24.99 BRL, making them one of the cheapest job boards on the market.

You can also choose a plan to save money if you need to post several ads. Job Plan 5 is 74.90 BRL, Plan 10 is 159.90 BRL and Plan 60 is 299.90 BRL.

Your ad will be visible for 60 days to get maximum visibility of their large user base and you’ll also get access to features like adding videos or creating an ‘online store’ for all your vacancies. 

OLX doesn’t have many of the features you’d expect from a job board, like access to resumes or candidate matching. But you’ll still get good value for your money if you don’t need extra services.

Keep in mind, this site is for Brazilian classifieds only, so foreign recruiters won’t be able to use it.

2. Jobs in Brazil

With more than 112,000 qualified professionals already on the board, you can easily find the perfect person for your vacancy. Many of these applicants have a Bachelor’s degree – over 85% of the talent pool!

For even more tailored results, you can opt to post on one of our geo-specific boards like Jobs in Rio or Jobs in Sao Paulo. To make sure your vacancy is seen by as many people as possible, your post will also be on the main board of JobsinNetwork and several other niche-specific boards.

Whether you’re looking for local talent, or want to attract applicants from further away, Jobs in Brazil can help you find what you need. 

JobsinNetwork offers job postings in Brazil, starting with three simple options. Standard Ads cost €250, Premium Ads cost €400, and Featured Ads cost €480.

With Standard Ads you’ll get a dedicated account manager, but to boost the visibility period, add extra locations, or access additional features including employer branding and social media promotion you’ll need to choose Premium or Featured Ad.

No matter which you select, you’ll be connected with the best job candidates. Other than this, if you’re looking for a job in Brazil, you can choose pay-per-click tiers instead of individual ads.

The cost per click is €0.5 or €1, depending on whether you select the Standard or Premium tier. To get started, you’ll need to pay a minimum of 250 clicks plus the €20 fee.

This means your price is €145 or more for each ad. As an added bonus, the Standard tier offers 60 days of visibility for each ad – twice as long as the per-ad plan. Pick your tier and start searching for the job of your dreams in Brazil today!

3. Careerjet


With Careerjet, you can advertise your job openings and start getting quality applications straight to your inbox. Plus, reach more people with top search results and be included in our job alerts.

For only BRL 150.00 for 30 days? A bargain! Part of the global Careerjet group, you can get unbeatable prices on tiers to suit you!

It’s an efficient, economical way to post jobs and search for candidates. It has a user-friendly interface, so you can manage your job postings from any computer or mobile device.

Plus, its advanced search technology can locate relevant talent, no matter the size or location of your organisation.

4. Trabalha Brasil

Trabalha Brasil is a leading job board in Brazil. It connects companies to candidates quickly and easily. Every month, over 5 million active visitors stop by Trabalhabrasil. There are also 1 million job ads available. What’s more, you can post your own job ads for free!

Trabalho Brasil has over 23 million CVs registered in the whole of Brazil. Plus, more than 2 million job vacancies are also available. To make it easier, they have a variety of tools to post job openings.

Companies trust them and offer quality opportunities with 80,000 active businesses. Plus, 1.3 million job openings across the country. All this backed by more than 23 million CVs registered on their website.  So whatever your needs are, don’t hesitate to turn to Trabalho Brasil.

5. TalentsHunt

TalentsHunt is a free job posting site in Brazil that helps employers find ideal candidates for any profession — from IT to management to marketing and sales.

With TalentsHunt’s global network, employers can post jobs at no cost, as well as connect with jobseekers who fit their unique criteria. As the digital world and job opportunities evolve, there’s a growing need for talented individuals to help businesses stay competitive.

With TalentsHunt, recruiters and employers can learn about potential candidates and match them to the right positions.

You can post job requirements and schedule interviews with applicants quickly and easily, without having to invest in complex IT systems. TalentsHunt simplifies the recruitment process so you get the right people for your job!

6. Flexjobs

FlexJobs has made it their mission to connect employers with the best talent since 2007. They are well-experienced to assist with any hiring needs around remote, hybrid, or flexible work.

Whether you’re a small start-up or a large corporation – whether you’re looking to hire within the U.S. or abroad – FlexJobs has the right solution for you.

No matter if your company is remote-only, remote-first, or a hybrid workplace, FlexJobs is here to make it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your business.

With unlimited postings when you pay just one flat rate, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll always have ads available.

You can source and engage with new and high-value candidate pools, streamline job posting with ATS integration, and reach more candidates through Flexjobs’ recruitment marketing solutions.

Plus, get top-level advice on remote culture, hiring, and branding. All for just $399 a month—an unbeatable value! 


In conclusion, when it comes to job posting sites in Brazil, there are a few standout options that can help you hire the best talent for your company.

Some of the best job portals in Brazil include sites that are completely free to use, making it easy for both employers and job seekers. These portals cater specifically to Brazilians, ensuring that you are reaching the right audience for your job postings.

Additionally, with the increasing trend towards remote work, it is important to find job posting sites that cater to this demand. Brazil, as the largest economy in Latin America, offers a wide range of job opportunities, including remote positions.

Furthermore, it is crucial to have a reliable support team to guide you through the hiring process and assist with any issues that may arise.

By utilizing the job posting sites that offer great value and have a strong support team, you can find talented individuals who can help your company thrive. 

Good Luck!

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