best free job posting sites in japan

Best Free Job Posting Sites in Japan | Best Job Boards for Paid Posting 


Finding a job in Japan can seem hard, especially for people who don’t know the job market well. But there are websites that make it easier. YOLO Japan is one of those websites.

It provides a lot of job opportunities in various functions and industries for people looking for either full-time or part-time work. So if you’re looking for a job in Japan, check out YOLO Japan.

Another popular website for foreigners is called GaijinPot. It’s a website that’s especially helpful for foreigners wanting to move there. It provides resources and information about job searching in Japan.

With its many job listings and industries, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, GaijinPot can help you find the perfect job match in Japan.

So, let’s get started!

Best Free Job Posting Sites in Japan

1. Broxer


Broxer makes it easy for employers to find the right team for their job. With its simple interface and advanced search tools, employers can look around the world – the US, India, Canada, Australia, the UK, Europe, France, Germany, Brazil and more!

Best of all, they can post jobs without worrying about paying a cent. Broxer makes it simple to find great talent.

Broxer can help you easily find and hire the perfect candidate. Whether you’re looking to fill a permanent or temporary position, their wide range of job categories and our extensive network of active participants will provide you with plenty of options.

Plus, the platform makes it easy for you to post jobs and streamline the recruitment process – all for free! Make your recruitment efforts effortless with Broxer – join us today!

2. Indeed

Around the world, people are turning to Indeed when they need a job. Every month, over 250 million people visit the site and upload their resumes. Companies can get the talent they’re looking for by placing a free job listing. It’s a great way to attract top applicants.

To help companies, postings are always shown at the top of the first page of Indeed. But be aware that listings on lower pages have a smaller chance of being seen.

Posting a job ad for free might not get you the results you want. Pay for a sponsored post to reach more potential applicants, with $10 for each application. You can also access a resume database and pay additional fees to find candidates that match your requirements.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an awesome way for employers to look for new employees. It’s an international platform with more than 750 million profiles. You can easily search resumes with different parameters, kind of like a job board.

In Japan, there are over 2.1 million people already signed up to LinkedIn. Plus, it’s more affordable than other job boards that are specific to Japan. You just pick the categories you’re interested in – people, jobs, events, companies and content – and start searching.

You can even use the job suggestion feature to get your advertisement even more exposure. So why not check out LinkedIn to find new members for your team?

There is also a feature called Advanced Search in People – it allows you to be specific about what you’re looking for. If you need remote workers, freelancers or jobseekers who are open to either full-time or part-time work, you can search for them on LinkedIn too.

You can choose between two plans: free and PPC promoted posts. Promoting your job on LinkedIn requires you to set up a budget that follows a pay-per-click model.

The amount of money you have to pay depends on certain factors such as job title, industry and geographical location. The free plan is available, plus there are paid options starting at $59 per 6 months.

4. Learn4Good

Learn4Good is an online recruitment website where employers can post job openings for free – no credit card needed. It’s a great tool to help find the right employees quickly and easily.

With Learn4Good, you can post jobs in the US, Canada, UK, China, India, Europe, Australia and more.

Plus, there’s a free resume search and candidate database available, plus XML feed bulk job posting. Don’t forget that Learn4Good has an international reach with high exposure.

Learn4Good makes it easy to post for free and offers affordable plans. With roles in various industries, they provide a comprehensive service.

5. Snaphunt

Snaphunt is an international hiring platform that assists employers in locating, engaging and hiring staff members from all around the world.

With Snaphunt, employers can hunt for talent in a particular city, nation, region or time zone and be quickly connected to the perfect candidate based on their needs.

Boasting a huge range of 300 million plus profiles, Snaphunt offers the most comprehensive resolution to companies attempting to construct global or extended teams.

Employers can post their jobs on Snaphunt for free and start hiring. They can also upgrade to a subscription plan that allows them to reach out to passive talent, conduct video interviews, get automated reference checks and more.

6. Glassdoor


Glassdoor is the number one choice when it comes to finding top talent. For recruiters, this job site provides an invaluable resource for making the right hire.

On Glassdoor, there are 100 million job openings and 70 million company reviews that can help narrow down the best fit. Using the site is free or you can upgrade to a premium plan for extra features. 

With over 55 million visitors each month, you’ll reach potential candidates swiftly and efficiently. Job seekers are more likely to apply when they can learn about the company they’re applying for, and Glassdoor is the top place they go to find this information.

Glassdoor offers two plans – free and Enhanced Profile. The free plan includes basic company info and mission, review requests and responses, and basic employer profile analytics.

The Enhanced Profile plan has all that plus premium branded content, advanced job seeker and employee insights, and competitive benchmarking.

7. Google for Jobs

If you’re looking to recruit talent in Japan, Google for Jobs is a great option. You can post jobs on the site by making sure that your HTML is properly structured and indexed by Google.

Another option is Snaphunt (As mentioned above), where you can get your job listings posted for free and distributed across Google for Jobs and other job boards.

Paid Job Posting Site for Employers Living in Japan for Recruitment

1. Jobs in Japan

Employers in Japan have an easy way to post jobs online. They can fill out a simple web form and clone, edit, delete or deactivate the job when needed.

To make the job description stand out more, they can use rich text features such as bold, italics, underline, bullet points and hyperlinks. Photos and videos can also be added to bring the job alive visually.

The job location can be set and will show on the interactive map for job seekers to find positions near them. Additionally, featured jobs are periodically refreshed to the top of the list giving employers more exposure.

It has customized filters to help you find the right candidate quickly and easily, regardless of what device they use. There are three different packages available – premium, advanced and standard. The prices are ¥38,500, ¥27,500 and ¥16,500 respectively.

2. Daijob

Daijob offers an effective solution for businesses seeking Japanese bilingual talent. There are over 540,000 registered candidates on the platform, of which 70% have at least business-level English skills.

Daijob’s interface and job posts can be displayed in both English and Japanese, making it a great choice for local or international companies. The platform has an easily accessible resume database with over 120,000 CVs.

However, there’s no free job posting option available. You’ll need to commit to the platform for at least two months and choose one of the three following plans: Single (1 ad – 480,000 JPY), Standard (5 ads – 820,000 JPY) or Premium (10 ads – 1,148,000 JPY).

The number of Scout Emails sent to contact candidates from the resume database depends on your chosen plan.

Companies that require extensive hiring can select a longer service duration; the monthly cost will decrease as the period extends, although it remains relatively high. Daijob offers employer branding features, such as the Company Page and Feature Article.

These tools allow companies to create attractive write-ups which can help them recruit top talent. For additional visibility, Daijob also offers homepage banner placement at a cost of 150,000 JPY-2,000,000 JPY per week/month.

It is important to consider all alternative options before deciding if this expensive service is worth the investment.

3. BizReach


BizReach is a premium option if you’re looking to hire in Japan. It offers an impressive pool of over 1.7 million users and 20,000 new registrations every month. You can get a free trial to search resumes and assess the platform’s services.

However, free job postings are not available. Plans range from 850,000 JPY to 2,520,000 JPY and include unlimited job posts and resume searches.

Additionally, a “success fee” equaling 15% of the applicant’s annual income will be charged. BizReach is among the more expensive platforms in Japan and may not be ideal for everyone.

But it provides a high-quality service for the money. Not only can users post ads and search resumes, but they will also access experts and consultants to help create convincing ads and support different parts of the hiring process.

If a recruiter’s goal is just advertising open positions, this could be too much as they wouldn’t need such an extensive plan. Additionally, English-speaking recruiters may find BizReach difficult as its platform and job postings are in Japanese.

4. J-Sen

J-Sen is a great option for fresh graduates and young professionals. Most of the users are 19–24 years old, while freelancers hold a majority on the board.

Moreover, the majority of J-Sen’s users are women, making up 61% of all registered users. At J-Sen, they strive to make onboarding as straightforward as possible.

New users will first have to go through a one-on-one consultation with their team to ensure their needs are met and their solutions fit them. Afterwards, users can start posting on the board and looking out for talent.

J-Sen offers two types of pricing models: success-based and listing based. For success-based prices, J-Sen charges 50,000 JPY or more, depending on the location being targeted.

Under this model, a percentage of the recruited employee’s annual salary is paid instead of an upfront fee. Listing-based prices vary; individuals must contact J-Sen directly for more information.

Prices may be slightly higher than average, but no payment is due until someone has been hired. Nonprofits may be eligible for discounts, which can be requested via the inquiry form.

But, J-Sen does not provide any extra features such as resume selection or candidate matching services and its job postings are only available in Japanese. This could be disadvantageous for international hiring efforts.

5. Careerjet Japan

Careerjet Japan is an international job board with a dedicated Japanese website that receives around 200,000 visits per month, according to Similarweb. Posting a single job costs 10,000 JPY, with discounts available when buying in bulk.

For example, you can get 5 posts for 30,000 JPY or 10 posts for 50,000 JPY. To post more vacancies, contact Careerjet for a custom plan. Alternatively, subscription-based packages are offered with various numbers of monthly posts, such as 5 posts for 25,000 JPY or 20 posts for 60,000 JPY.

To get even better visibility, customers can pay 5,000 JPY for two weeks of premium placement at the top of the search results. For those using certain ATS platforms (like Hikoma, Findin, HR Ads Platform, SmartPage, and Jobole), there are options for integration with Careerjet.

However, this job board does not have an English version or a resume database, so it may not be the best choice for international hiring. Nonetheless, its pricing plans provide a good budget-friendly option.

6. Jopus Connector

Jopus Connector is a platform that helps people from outside of Japan to find the perfect job. It also assists Japanese companies who are looking to hire foreign employees, no matter where they’re located.

Connecter provides foreign job seekers with lots of useful information about potential employers and jobs, all in their native language or English.

Jopus Connector is a tool designed to help companies find and hire the best employees. With Jopus Connector, businesses can give prospective employees interviews before they apply for a job, giving them the motivation and guidance they need to succeed. 

The pricing plan depends on the success of the recruited employee. It starts from 400,000 JPY, and it can vary based on the listing.

7. Nipponshigoto

Nipponshigoto provides access to over 20,000 potential recruits and can support your Japan or Asia-wide hiring efforts. For each successful hire, you will pay a fee that equals 20% of their predicted annual income.

This prediction is calculated based on their monthly salary multiplied by 12 months, plus the bonus calculation base amount multiplied by the number of months of bonus payment in the previous year.

Consumption tax is charged separately. With Nipponshigoto, you also get greater visibility through syndication with affiliated sites.

Since 2009, they have placed over 1,500 people in hotels, inns, and general companies across Japan. They offer excellent resources at great rates, and provide full support to companies that take on foreign staff. can introduce foreigners who are searching for work in Japan, including international students, internships, and permanent residents. Employers will find staff with a high level of proficiency in Japanese.

8. Nihongo Jobs

Nihongo Jobs is a job board that brings recruiters and prospective employees together. It has more than 12,000 followers and 3,262 available jobs.

With prices starting from $129 for a 15-day featured job ad, Nihongo Jobs makes the recruitment process easier than ever. The Standard package includes a 30-day featured job ad for only $249.

It also has the element of Featured Job Ad. It stands out from thousands of other ads, and is shared with a targeted audience that wants to use their Japanese language and cultural skills in a career.

Interested candidates apply directly to you. It’s also great for finding freelancers. Best of all, it’s more affordable than many competitors and includes social media promotion and weekly newsletters.

9. GaijinPot

GaijinPot is a highly respected employment and lifestyle service for foreign residents in Japan and those overseas wanting to work there. They offer a range of plans that cater to many hiring needs and budgets, letting employers post job ads for up to 30 days.

Plus they can access JobMail, and easily filter through applicants based on location, language level and more. 

GaijinPot Candidate Demographics provides an overview of registered candidates in the Gaijinpot database. Every month, there are 3.7 million page views and 650,000 unique visitors.

Most of these visitors are aged around 25 and 34. 5% of registered candidates have native Japanese language skills while 11% have business-level Japanese. 27% are conversational Japanese speakers.

72% of candidates have native English skills, 13% have business-level English and 8% are conversational English speakers. 80% of candidates are living in Japan while 20% live overseas. If you’d like to find out more about pricing, please get in touch with them.

10. Rikunabi

Rikunabi is a top recruitment site in Japan, owned by Recruit Corporation. It has various services for different types of jobs and experience levels, such as Rikunabi (for recent graduates), Rikunabi Next (for non-recent grads and mid-career hires) and Rikunabi Haken (dedicated to manual labor).

With countless students signed up, the likelihood of finding the perfect candidate for your company is high. Rikunabi is an effective recruiting site backed and published by many businesses—for more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.

With nearly 60 years of experience in hiring new graduates, they offer everything from public relations to acceptance of job offers and aid after joining the company.

Prices range from 180,000 yen to 1.8 million yen, depending on duration. Over 56% of companies list on Rikunabi, so it’s no wonder why people depend on them for their hiring needs. They provide customers with valuable advice to help avoid unsuccessful recruiting decisions.

11. Career Cross

CareerCross is a leading job site for finding bilingual professionals who speak both Japanese and English. It’s especially popular for IT jobs, but it also covers other areas. Employers can choose from different packages based on their hiring needs.

On the site, you can find Japanese candidates with English skills, foreign candidates with Japanese skills, and many experienced professionals with three to five years of experience, in sales, back office, IT and marketing roles.

Its features include job posting, resume search, and scout mails. With job posting, you can easily edit or hide your posts whenever you need to. Resume search provides advanced criteria such as language level and work experience.

With scout mails, you can contact candidates directly and manage the conversation through the system. Career Cross offers two services: monthly and contingency.

For companies looking to hire many people quickly, the monthly service is the way to go. Meanwhile, the contingency service gives employers more time to find the ideal person and only requires payment when someone is hired. Contact them for pricing details.

12. Career Engine

CareerEngine is a paid job board that caters to those seeking bilingual professionals. With 20,000 visitors each month, it offers packages for job postings and resume database searches. It also has one of the largest databases of foreign and Japanese workers with high-level skills.

Employers using CareerEngine can target the specific person they need. They can also take advantage of a “Featured Company” section, highlighting benefits, culture, and work environment. Resume searches are also possible. Benefits for Registered Employers include all these features.

Career Engine has a database of registered candidates, with 150,000 page views per month. The leading professions are hi-tech/IT, service industry, manufacturing and planning, and corporate services and customer relations.

By age group, the breakdown is 10% from 22 to 25, 30% from 26 to 29, 40% from 30 to 35, and 20% from 36 to 45; 60% were men and 40% women. Of those living in Japan, 85% reside in Tokyo and 10% live in Osaka.

21% have executive-level experience, while 13% are native Japanese speakers proficient in business and native English. For pricing inquiries, contact them for further information.

13. MyNavi 

MyNavi website is mainly in Japanese. Although there are some English sections, they may be difficult to understand. It may be best for those who cannot read Japanese to look elsewhere. Unfortunately, this is a hassle since the site can be quite helpful.

The features on the website are aimed at younger individuals and can help with job hunting and career changes. Students might find it useful too as it accommodates busy schedules. Additionally, there are exclusive job offers that are unavailable anywhere else.

Mynavi offers “Global Agent”, a specialized recruitment service that helps job seekers find their ideal companies. This program is designed for overseas and Japanese students living in Japan or abroad.

Mynavi’s Global Agent will reduce costs and take away operational burdens while assisting companies to find the most suitable global human resources. To know more about the pricing details, you need to take an online consultation.

14. en world

en world

enworld is a trusted partner for companies around the world and in Japan. Their mission is to help people succeed. They are experts in mid- to long-term career planning, especially for those who want to switch careers. enworld also helps businesses with organizational development and hiring.

en world RPO offer recruitment process outsourcing services. Companies use this service to outsource aspects of their hiring process. They also provide advanced solutions which include optimizing the hiring process, outsourcing and consulting.

By combining state-of-the-art HR tech with recruitment expertise, en worldRPO act as a reliable partner for their clients. This way they help save time and money by quickly identifying the right talent and getting them on board. To get more information on pricing, contact en worldRPO.

Largest Recruitment Job Boards

If you are looking to find a job in Japan as a foreigner, one of the best options is to use the largest recruitment job boards in the country to post your resume and search for opportunities.

The job hunting process in Japan can be quite challenging, especially for foreigners who are currently living in Japan.

However, by utilizing these job boards, you can gain access to a wide range of job listings that are specifically tailored to foreigners or individuals who have a high level of proficiency in the Japanese language.

These job boards are not only popular among foreigners, but they also help Japanese companies reach out to potential candidates who want to work in Japan.

With a large number of jobs posted on these platforms, you can easily browse through different industries and sectors to find the perfect job opportunity for yourself.

Whether you are hoping to work in a multinational corporation or a local Japanese company, these job boards offer jobs that cater to a variety of skill sets and qualifications.

Overall, using the largest recruitment job boards in Japan can greatly assist foreigners in their job search and maximize their chances of finding employment within the country.  in Japan to post jobs

Good Luck!

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