What Are the Work from Home Jobs I Can Do?


The deadly blow of the Coronavirus on the planet has changed the structure of life. It has not only caused devastating effects on the health of people but also the economies of the world.

To curtail the dispersion of the virus, the governments of all nations imposed lockdowns. Organizations and companies shut down their factories to evade the total variable expenses.

In such an economic crisis, people are constantly surfing the web to find work from home jobs. The developed technology has proffered multiple tools and strategies to facilitate remote working.

There is a bevy of remote jobs for individuals of different skill sets and talents.

You can utilize the time you save by avoiding the commute and dressing up to increase your efficiency. According to research, work from home jobs expand the productivity of individuals.

This is because flexible schedules and no commuting imposes less pressure on the individuals.

All you need to do is avoid procrastination, maintain an ideal work-life balance, and adhere to the guidelines of your company.

You may be a stay at home parent, and your responsibilities may prevent you from indulging in a full-time job. In such circumstances, many questions may arise in your mind.

What kind of work from home jobs can I do online? What are the different part-time and full-time work from home jobs that I can opt for?

This is the right place to procure the answers to such questions. Let us take a look at the various professions that you can do from home.

Medical Transcriptionist

medicinesMost of the medical transcriptionists can work at their homes according to their flexible schedules. However, some of them work in hospitals or at physician’s offices.

The role of a medical transcriptionist is to transcribe the medical dictation. The pieces of equipment used to perform the tasks are a desk, computer, and an earpiece.

A person who wants to engage in this job should be qualified in a postsecondary medical transcriptionist program.

A report by the Bureau of Labour statistics exhibits that a medical transcriptionist can earn a national median wage of $33,380 or $16.05 per hour.

You can either be a self-employed medical transcriptionist, work for a local hospital, or work at a vocational school.

Web Developer

With the increased usage of digital platforms, the importance of websites is also enhanced. A business website is a reflection of the business and helps to improve it.

Apart from an enticing appearance, a website should have compelling content as well. Thus, with the required knowledge, discipline, and skill set in this field, you can become a web developer.

A web developer makes a living by creating and designing websites and blogs for other companies.

According to research by the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), approximately 10% of the web developers were self-employed and pursued remote working in 2021.

There is enormous scope in this industry because the median pay was $73,760 in 2021. The best 10% of web developers earned an average of $142,080.

The best attribute to initiate this profession is that you do not require an advanced degree. Postsecondary education is enough to procure you this job.

However, some experience, along with the sites you have created works as a cherry on top of the cake.

If you want to excel in this job, then you must procure tech programming skills from coding boot camps or online courses.

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The internet is a vast market that proffers information globally. There are numerous organizations that require content for their web pages to entice a greater target audience towards them.

You can reap the benefits of such opportunities and become a ghostwriter. By indulging in this profession, you have to create content for different organizations and web pages.

However, in ghostwriting, your name is not linked with your content. You acquire the personality of the person for whom you are writing.

Ghostwriting is one of the best work from home jobs, for which you only need a computer or a smartphone. The pay differs according to your content and writing skills.

Data Entry

Data entryOrganizations have massive amounts of data that need to be maintained in proper databases.

Such organized data is used to keep a record of the inventory or create business strategies by comparing it with previous trends.

You can practice the data entry profession as a work from home job.

With a whisk of the ideal computer and typing skills, you can record the organizations’ data into spreadsheets like MS Excel or Microsoft Access to help them analyze their performance.

A report by the Bureau of Labour Statistics stated that the data entry jobs fetched a median wage of $34,820 in 2019. The mean hourly wage for this job is $16.74.

Many websites and applications proffer your data entry jobs. You can surf websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and SimplyHired in this regard.

Other websites like Internshala or LinkedIn also proffer many work-from-home data entry jobs.

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Editing and Proofreading

With a good flair in grammar and writing skills, you can become an editor or a proofreader. If you hate grammatical errors and the typing mistakes make you crazy, then this is the right profession for you.

You would be paid to correct the content of others.

You can acquire a top role in this profession if you have a related degree. Moreover, a good portfolio can help to augment your credibility.

So, you should refine your editing and proofreading skills by opting for this profession as a side gig.

Software Developer

In this era of digitalization, multiple software is integrated into the ordinary lives of the people. We require such software to make our lives more comfortable and more organized.

But have you ever thought that you could earn good money by creating software, right from your homes? With the required skill set and cognizance of different software, you could become a software developer.

Your earning depends upon the organization under which you are working. A small startup may provide you little revenue, whereas a large firm may proffer you with greater revenues.

It is one of the best remote working opportunities with which you can work in your own time to create some amazing software.

Graphic Designing

With a whisk of creativity and a good flair in designing techniques, you can become a graphic designer. Graphic designing proffers multiple opportunities for individuals to showcase their talents.

You could sell your graphic designs or work under a company.

When pursuing it as a freelancing career, you should have leadership skills and a good skill set in color combinations and designing.

With this profession, you can amass a salary according to your designs and the company under which you work.

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Social Media Managers

social media managerOrganizations all over the world are going digital to reap the benefits of the increased usage of social media platforms. These organizations can directly reach the target audience from social platforms.

Hence, they are ready to incur considerable expenses to build a compelling and enticing social image.

With significant knowledge of social media and a vast following, you can convince companies to hire you as their social media manager.

In the capacity of a social media manager, you help the business to improve its networking outreach and thus increase its profits.

You should have knowledge of various terms, like the search engine optimization keywords and the target audience of the business.

Integrating the relevant SEO keywords to enhance the position of the business is critical. With significant experience in this field, companies may hire your expertise for mushrooming their business.

There are various sites that proffer listings for social media managers like CareerBuilder, SimplyHire, or Upwork.

According to research by Glassdoor, a social media manager can amass an average salary of $65,834 per year.


As the name suggests, translators are bilingual or multilingual people who translate text for their clients. Hence, you should be skilled in at least two languages to become a translator.

In some cases, a bachelor’s degree is also required to practice this profession.

A report by the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) exhibits that translators can efficiently work from home under strict deadlines.

Another report by the BLS shows that 21% of the translators were self-employed in 2020.

The distribution of the translators in different industries, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics is as follows:

  • State, local, and private educational services – 18%
  • Professional, scientific, and technical Services – 34%
  • Government – 6%
  • Hospitals – 8%

Websites like Upwork.com proffer job postings in this career. Translators in 2019 received a national median revenue of $51,830. The leading 10% of translators acquired an average of $94,370 in the same year.

Call Center Representative

With the pandemic engulfing the entire planet, most of the businesses are operating online. Many companies want to acquire the services of a talented and confident person.

Such a person should have a whisk of practical oral communication skills and cognizance of the needs of the customers.

A call center representative helps the organization to attend to the customers’ calls and clear all their queries. Specific software and a computer system are required to work as a call center representative.

The quality of the call should be clear. You can become a leading call center representative if you have awareness and experience in data entry, sales jobs, or customer services.

There are umpteen sites and applications that proffer you such jobs. Many listings of call center representatives are also displayed in the local newspapers.

You can search for jobs on websites like Freelancer, Upwork.com, Internshala, or LinkedIn in this regard.

The exact pay for a call center representative differs depending upon the company. However, a report by the Bureau of Labour Statistics exhibits that workers can amass an average of around $34,710 per year.

Freelance Journalist

During these edgy times, you can sit at your homes and work on an innovative story to earn a good salary.

The advantage of a freelance journalist is that you no longer require a degree to initiate your career in this profession.

With your curiosity and innovative skills, you can work with a local news organization as a journalist. Nowadays, you can surf the web to procure different news articles and work on them.

The income you earn from this profession varies according to the revenue your article brings to the organization.

So, you can let your detective nature thrive in this period and try writing some quirky news articles.

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Virtual Assistants

virtual assistantWith almost every business operating online, there are various attributes in which you may need assistance from a professionalized source.

With a plethora of challenges in front of you, it is daunting to manage and organize each task.

The organizations hire virtual assistants to assist them in different tasks so that they can focus on the core functions.

The attribute with which virtual assistants are involved is to create and send emails, schedule meetings, replying to media reports, managing the business website, making presentations, and remaining in touch with prospective customers.

With the perfect blend of excellent communication skills and knowledge about the latest applications, you can become a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants can work according to their own flexible hours from home.

Various websites proffer jobs to virtual assistants. You can search for such jobs on sites like Zirtual and Upwork.

The average pay that you can amass from this profession is approximately $39,850 per year. However, the highly skilled and leading virtual assistant can even earn an average of $65,510 per year.

As per the International Virtual Assistants Association, virtual assistants are independent contractors.

They can extend their support in the form of creative, technical, or administrative services from their homes or any area.


During the pandemic, the importance of blogging has augmented. With your excellent written communication and creative skills, you can build an expanded target audience to grow your website.

There are umpteen ways to amass money through blogging like Google AdSense, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, etc.

To earn currency with the help of your blog, you should sign up for Google Adsense.

With the aid of Google Adsense, you can integrate advertisements on your blog. You will receive revenue based on clicks and the number of users who viewed your ad.

On the other hand, you could also do affiliate marketing through your blog to earn augmented revenues. The least cost of web hosting is around $7.99 per month.

Research by Glassdoor shows that bloggers can earn revenues worth $51,395 per year through Google AdSense or sponsored posts.


Remote working not only prevents commute but also proffers flexibility in schedules. No matter if you are a morning person or a night owl, you can indulge in remote working.

So, choose any of the jobs mentioned above according to your preferences, needs, and skillsets.

Go through the web to learn about the credibility of the organization under which you want to work.


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