Skills for Resume: Key Skills that Can Get You a Job

A resume works as a mirror of your personality. Along with the interview, it helps to fetch you a job opportunity.

This is because a resume entails the specific characteristics and achievements of an individual.

However, it should be concise at the same time. So it is necessary to integrate the crucial skills in a relevant order in your resume.

Moreover, an individual has numerous skills and qualifications. Hence, tailor them according to the needs of the job position.

Some skills are known as transferable skills and are used for different fields at the same juncture.

But what are these skills? They are the inherent capabilities or learned talents which an individual procures through his education and life experiences.

Mentioning the right skills and substantiating them can easily give you the job opportunity.

This is because, according to research, 75% of the hiring managers say that the applicants have a shortage of skills for critical job roles.

They are of various types, such as soft skills, hard skills, general domain skills, or domain-specific skills. The general or life skills help you to clear all the hurdles of life in an organized way.

On the other hand, professional skills are meant for a professional field and help you to procure expertise in the required field.

This being an extensive topic, makes it difficult for you to decide which ones to put on a resume.

Hard and Soft Skills

Before fabricating your resume, knowing the difference between these two types of skills is necessary. This is because a right whisk between the two helps you to amass your dream job.

Hard or technical skills are particular to a specific industry. They help you to acquire the required qualifications needed to work for a job role.

An individual can gain them through effective education, training programs, various courses, degrees, or experience.

Soft or social skills are not taught to a particular individual. They complement hard skills and make them more useful.

Many applicants have the required hard skills necessary for a job. This is because they have procured various pieces of training and degrees for a particular position.

However, the essential soft skills work as a lubricant in your interview procedure. They help you to be at an advantage over your competitors.

Let us have an insight into the various skills critical for our resume. Such attributes are general, and many industries require them.

Soft Skills

soft skillsActive Listening

Active listening is one of the most important skills because it helps you to direct your actions in the right way. Moreover, it exhibits your vigilance and responsible nature.

If you pay heed to the instructions and directions of your task, then you are likely to finish them faster and effectively.

Active listening also exhibits your thinking skills with which you can foster constructive criticism.

Most of the industries require such skill because finishing the activities in the best possible way will help them.

For example, you are a content writer, and your employer provides you a project with specific guidelines.

But due to lack of interest and lack of expertise in active listening, you do not pay heed to the strategies.

In the end, you forget to integrate the required keywords and do not make your article catered to the needs of the client. This will create a significant loss for the company as well as your post.

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Every industry requires the applicant to be able to solve problems in edgy times. This is because each human being can make a mistake.

However, rectifying their mistake in the best possible way is the quality of an expert.

With the aid of problem-solving skills, an individual can meet contingent situations and challenges. They can resolve such issues in the best possible way by truncating the expenses of the organization.

Moreover, some of the job roles require individuals to solve only the problems for the clients and the company.

Let us understand this with the help of the above example. Due to the absence of expertise in active listening, you spoiled the article.

However, with the aid of consummate problem-solving skills, you can correct your writing. Do this by integrating the relevant keywords without changing the main content of the document.


Communication is the basic soft skill that can help you to proliferate the business. This is because effective and adept communication can help you to convert prospective customers into regular clients.

Moreover, being able to communicate effectively helps you to negotiate with the suppliers and the employer during specific situations.

You can maintain organization in the workplace using various channels of communication. Communication entails several skills like observing, listening, and empathizing.

Apart from this, communication also encompasses functional body language, which helps you to share information with others.

Specific industries like content writing require you to be adept in practical written communication skills. In such cases, the communication skills work as a sole reason for you to get the job.

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Critical Reasoning

Critical thinking or rational thinking helps an individual to formulate strategies and techniques to complete a task.

Such procedures can help you to achieve your goals through cost-cutting and paying heed to other aims simultaneously.

Almost all industries require this skill. This is because it helps you to fabricate various steps to complete the project and truncate the potential threats.

For example, as a content writer, you are required to formulate lengthy articles and submit them before the deadline. However, due to some contingencies, you wasted half of your time.

But using your critical thinking, you do not type the articles. Instead, you use the microphone feature of MS Word to complete them before the deadline.


Many jobs compel you to work with other individuals to improve your efficiency. Moreover, some tasks require the integration of several talents.

In such cases, it is your teamwork that helps you to work with other people. Such team working skills allow you to be patient, listen to others, and at the same time proffer your suggestions on the topic.

Being unable to work in a team can cause a massive loss for the company and will lead to a delay in submitting the project.

You can exhibit your team working skills on your resume by mentioning an achievement that you procured by working in a group.

Emotional Intelligence

We, as human beings, tend to get emotional, and this affects our working style. In such situations, individuals with emotional intelligence tend to manage the emotions of themselves and others.

This helps to complete the tasks before the deadlines without losing control.

We can see the best use of emotional skills during these edgy times of the pandemic. In such situations, you should work to the best of your capabilities without adversely affecting your mental health.

People with emotional intelligence are revamping their existing techniques and entering the workplace with better energy.


One of the skills for which the interviewers look for in a resume is responsibility. This is because responsible people hold themselves liable for their mistakes.

Moreover, such people are less likely to commit mistakes due to their responsible nature. Responsibility also integrates punctuality and submitting the work before the deadlines.


With a creative mindset, the individuals help an organization to achieve its aims through cost-cutting and other strategies. Ideation entails persuasive writing and designing skills.

Various industries, like the content writing industry, requires an individual to have a creative imagination. This helps the writers to concoct intriguing content.


Organization of work is very crucial to complete your tasks according to a schedule and hence submit the work before the deadlines.

Moreover, organizing your work does not only entails cleaning the desks or your counter but conserving the documents and records in the right places. This also fastens the process of finishing up the tasks.

After writing your organizational skills in the resume, you can exhibit them in the interview by taking a folder to the interview.

Keeping all the documents in an organized way helps you to give any copy to the interviewers promptly.

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Integrating flexibility in your resume is critical. This is because, with the help of flexibility, you can analyze the effects of the dynamic environment on your business.

For example, the difficult times of the coronavirus increased the importance of flexibility.

This is because, in such situations, authorities can quarantine any person and they will be compelled to work while quarantined.

So it becomes necessary for others to know various critical functions and be flexible enough to perform different activities of the organization.

Hard Skills

hard skillsComputer and Digital Software

In this era of digitalization, almost every industry integrates technological innovations with their business.

Hence, the applicants should have primary cognizance of using the computer and digital platforms.

You can further break the computer and digital software skills into two or three sub-skills. Various industries, like marketing, engineering, graphics, or web design require computer knowledge.

Data Analysis

Each industry has vast data, which needs to be organized. Being able to analyze data helps an individual to examine the metrics and hence put them into the required databases.

This facilitates the management to fetch the data in an organized manner whenever needed quickly.

The companies avoid integrating the services of a data analyst to reduce their expenses. Hence, they look out for such skills in the applicants.


Basic writing skills are necessary to compose emails, business letters, and other articles. This is because writing articles with typos and grammatical errors exhibit your amateurism.

Practical writing skills also help you to fabricate posters and promotional content for the business.

Apart from this, it shrinks the expenses of the organization by combining the services of a content writer.

Project Management

The applicants are required to work on various projects and complete them before the deadlines. Hence project management skills help you to engage in intriguing projects.

You can complete them with quirky strategies that provide benefits to the organization. Exhibit your project management achievements by writing about them in your resume.

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Various industries require applicants to be adept in mathematics. Such applicants can help in financing and maintaining accounts of the company.

Moreover, businesses like logistics, manufacturing, health care, engineering, etc. employ practical mathematics.


Your designing skills exhibit your creativity and are used in a variety of niches.

Be it graphics, marketing, engineering, advertisement, branding, or web design- an individual should have expertise in such areas to be at an advantage over their competitors and peers.


Administrative skills help you to be organized and create schedules to complete the projects before the deadline. Moreover, such skills require writing emails or planning various strategies for work.


Marketing refers to selling and promoting the products and services of the company. The marketing strategies help you to know the special attributes of the products and services of the company.

Moreover, you should speak out or jot down such a description in a compelling way to tantalize customers.

Foreign Language

Fluency in any foreign language can put you at an advantage over other applicants. This is because it helps you to communicate with customers and clients and thus increase the sales of the organization.


Negotiation is one of the most crucial skills that is looked out for by the recruiters in a resume. This is because effective negotiation helps an individual to sell products or purchase inventory.

It also fosters beneficial deals for partnership, investment, production, etc.

How to Identify Your Relevant Skills?

Awards and Achievements

The awards and achievements help you to know your proficiency in the relevant fields. They also exhibit credibility for your respective skills.

For example, you got the first prize in a creative essay writing competition. Hence, this can exhibit your practical communication skills.

Communicate with Professionals

You may get confused about whether a particular skill is relevant to your industry or not. In such a case, have a word with the professionals working in that industry.

This will help you to align your skills, according to the position’s requirements.

Former Colleagues and Teachers

Your teachers and former colleagues had worked with you. Hence, they have cognizance about your personality and skill set.

They may even recognize the hidden talents, which you do not know about yourself. Thus, communicating with such people will help you to unveil your abilities and skills relevant to the job.


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