Best Jobs for A Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

The myth that there are no high-paying jobs for students with a Bachelor’s in Psychology has existed for many decades. However, we can clear this myth through research.

The American Psychological Association conducted this survey. According to the report, approximately 57% of the students with a bachelor’s degree pursue a career path in this field.

On the other hand, 25% of the students pursued a Master’s degree in Psychology. Moreover, 18% of the students follow a Master’s degree in a different subject.

So, a Bachelor’s in Psychology attains various vital skills essential for specific job roles. These job roles may relate to social work, management, organization, or other business-related strategies.

However, you can become a psychologist only if you have a Masters’s degree in the subject.

Moreover, if you are looking for a job opportunity with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, then there is something which you must know.

You must understand the difference between a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

The science field gives you an understanding of mathematical and science skills, along with psychology. Thus, you can dive into a lot of research and its procedure with this degree.

On the other hand, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology teaches you about various fine art programs. Thus, this degree can help you to try out several career guiding programs.

Let us take a look at the different job posts you can pursue with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


journalismA journalist is a person who creates various articles related to the niche of news. Hence, this requires individuals to conduct extensive research to procure the relevant data.

In the capacity of a journalist, the individual has to question people, solicit data from them by various methods and present it fairly before the public.

The articles of a journalist are published in multiple media outlets.

A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology gives people the various skills crucial in becoming a journalist.

Such soft skills are related to emotional intelligence, social skills, cognition and understanding the intellect, and grasping level of other people.

Hence, people with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology are at the upper hand from their competitors to become a journalist.

Moreover, you can gain more advantage over your peers by procuring a Masters’s degree in the subject.

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As the name suggests, a researcher has to conduct substantial exploration in various fields. A person with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology integrates influential scientific theories to conduct research.

This helps them to provide people with a deeper understanding of various psychological fields and mental health aspects.

A researcher can work in a private lab or with the government. The applicants can initiate their career in this profession by working as a lab assistant.

There are various companies that proffer opportunities to people in this field. Examples of such organizations are Lifespan, Corizon Health, etc.

The national average salary of this profession is $82,833 per year.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist

HR managers on interviewHuman Resources (HR) Specialists help in the employment procedure of an employee. Hence, such people are involved in the recruiting, interviewing, screening, and hiring of an employee.

Apart from this, they also help in compensation benefits and training programs of a Company.

In the capacity of an HR specialist, the individual is also required to perform various management and administrative functions.

Such functions need people to maintain all the employment records and payrolls of each individual.

On the other hand, they should also ensure that such operations are in adherence to the norms of the federal and state government.

With the help of a psychology degree, you can become a human resource specialist.

Moreover, knowledge of psychology helps you to inculcate the service-oriented and collaborative skills required in this field.

A Human Resource Specialist also helps to formulate new policies and procedures for the present employees of the organization.

Hence, the most important skill needed to practice this profession is practical communication skills.

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Marketing Manager

The Marketing Manager works in a collaborative environment to formulate various strategies and advertising techniques for an organization.

They are required to perform activities according to the instructions of the hiring manager and other staff.

The main aim of the Marketing Manager is to promote the brand’s products and services. This can help them to convert leads and hence, attract a larger target audience towards the business.

Initially, the Marketing Manager conducts extensive market research. This enables them to identify the target audience of the business. With this knowledge, they modify the strategies of the organization.

The marketing manager can pursue various forms of marketing such as digital marketing or traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing is conducted through effective campaigns in the form of articles, news, posters, banners, etc.

On the other hand, a Marketing Manager performs digital marketing through various social media platforms and other software.

To become a marketing manager, you should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. But a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology gives you an advantage over your strategic competitors.

This is because psychology teaches you various socializing skills. With such practical communication skills, you can persuade people to become regular customers of the brand.

Behavior Analyst

As the name suggests, a Behavior Analyst assesses the attributes of various individuals. They work to rectify the behavioral issues of an individual.

Such behavior critics can work in schools, hospitals, colleges, etc.

They help individuals with psychiatric problems or brain injury. Various companies acquire the services of behavior analysis like the MENTOR network, teamwork specialists, etc.

The national average salary of a behavior analyst is $64,000 per year.

Mental Health Counselor

mental health counselorMental health is a real issue into which people should look more closely. Ignoring the mental health of an individual can lead to huge losses and even death.

A Mental Health Counselor is a person who addresses the mental health of various people.

Such people may be suffering from severe grief, tension, suicidal thoughts, stress, or depression.

A Mental Health Counselor advises them and helps them through their various empathetic skills and emotional intelligence.

Mental Health Counselors may work with a single individual, groups, couples, or people with various other relationships.

On the other hand, various schools and colleges also hire the services of a Mental Health Counselor for ensuring and aiding the well being of their students.

Such an advisor should be self-regulated and know how to maintain composure in difficult times. This is because the clients will talk to the counselor about their stressful situations.

In these circumstances, they should be able to communicate effectively with people without losing mental stability and control.

Moreover, apart from a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, such people need a license from their respective states to pursue this profession.


As the name suggests, a criminologist assesses a criminal database to procure information from it. They are required to interview various witnesses or suspects.

Apart from this, the functions include maintaining a record of the criminals and other related activities to date. Hence, the criminologist works similar to a scientist.

Due to such attributes, a criminologist mostly works with government or law departments. A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology helps such a professional to excel.

This is because such a degree enables them to inculcate various skills. They know how to read the body language of people, have emotional intelligence, practical communication skills, and learn the intellectual capacity and grasping power of the audience.

A Bachelor’s degree in Psychology is enough to help you initiate your profession in this career.

However, higher roles regarding leadership and management require individuals to acquire a Master’s degree as well.


A therapist helps clients in decision making and problem-solving capacities. These clients are individuals who have mental health issues and do not have the power to reason.

Thus, a therapist helps people to be happy and improves their mental health. Moreover, each therapist has their own strategies to converse with the clients and know more about them.

They provide various types of solutions like social work, marriage counseling, or family medications. The national average salary of this profession is $33 per hour.

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Health Care Administrators

Health Care Administrators are also known by various other names like clinical managers, health care executives, and medical managers.

They serve as a lubricant in the smooth functioning of the clinic or the health care establishment.

A Health Care Administrator executes plans, administers, organizes, directs, and supervises health care functions.

Hence, they are employed to work with several departments under various medical professionals.

Checking the quality of the services is a crucial function of the health care executive.

Such people also work with patients and other people who require their assistance with the clinic, such as the insurance agents.

A degree in psychology can help you to attain the required skills for this profession. Such skills include flexibility, management, adaptability, and administrative and collaborative mastery.

Social Workers

Social health workerAs the name suggests, social workers deal with the current crisis of society and help their clients.

There is a strong relationship between social work and psychology because such people help clients with decision-making capacities.

The client may be having problems with marriage, relationships, or they may be suffering from a severe disease.

With a service-oriented attitude, they can ensure the well being of the clients. People with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology can work with various communities, groups, and organizations as a social worker.

Sometimes the social workers also combat various problems of their clients at the local, state, and national levels.

In such capacities, they are required to conduct extensive research, procure information, and hence, persuade people in the favor of their clients.

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You can indulge in any profession according to your preferences, needs, and salary requirements. With a whisk of creative imagination and practical communication skills, you can become a journalist.

Or, with your emotional thinking and intellectual intelligence, you could become a therapist, social worker, or a health care advisor.

Hence, there are numerous professions that you can pursue with proficiency and a degree in psychology.


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