How to make a YouTube outro - Complete Guide


A lot of times content creators overlook the importance of a decent YouTube[1] outro. They include intros in their videos for a fancy start but don’t wish to end it on the same note. One thing creators or YouTubers don’t understand is the importance of retention. Retention of the subscribers, retention of the viewers. It is because of them that you earn a living, get popular. Maintaining their interest is your top priority. Let me be the source and just put this out there, presentation matters. I thought I’d provide a brief summary on why I truly believe it is essential for a growing YouTube channel to, not only have an intro, but also a YouTube outro to keep the standards of presentation high and attract more viewers/subscribers.

How to make a YouTube outro - Complete Guide

Why do you need YouTube Outros?

The short span of viewers these days makes it very important to present them with something that piques them. Something which keeps them hooked to your channel and to your videos. And hence it is critical for YouTubers in general to have decent content which the viewers like.

However, it is equally important to have a good ending or “Outro” to the video. Viewers need to be able to feel confident about re-visiting your channel again. It is advisable that you do not end your video right after you’re done with your content, even if it means keeping an additional 10-15 seconds of video in your final project. You might want to add links to necessary sites mentioned in your video. Or even provide your own personal social media accounts for your viewers to follow. YouTube Outro is a very useful means to cement yourself in the memory of your viewers.


YouTube Outros can also be used very strategically to delay the links which pop up right after your video is done. These links usually include your competitors. However, you can restrain your users from clicking on their links by essentially adding another 15-20 seconds of video just showing your personal details or some “see you later” quote. Viewers don’t usually stick around just to see 20 seconds of your account details. They will grab the required information in the first 5 seconds and then probably close the browser.

You can even use outros to summarise your content at the end of each video. The possibilities are endless, to be very honest. Outros or EndSlates are essential if the viewer wants to continue watching your content or wants to indulge in your social media experience or just wants to continue your call to action. They make your video look more original and more ‘you’. Outros are highly recommended for better engagement and more YouTube views.

How to make a YouTube Outro?

Now the question arises, how do you perfect making a YouTube outro? Well, here are some ways to ensure your viewers are hooked to your content and you get decent outros.

1. Hire a Professional

– You can either hire a freelancer for your YouTube Outro or give out single projects to individual professionals. Either way, you have ensured quality outros as contents. Although the costs of producing such content is generally between $5 to $50, sites like Broxer, Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer, etc prove to be very useful when it comes to the workforce for creative skills.

2. Online Outro Maker

– There are tons of online outro makers available online by just searching on Google or any search engine. Some of the sites that may pop-up upon searching are OutroMaker, BiteAble, TubeArsenal, and Panzoid. Such online sites are very popular. Now, these include several templates for you to choose from, like a format for your YouTube outro, and all you have to do is edit out the textual data and include it in your video and loop it. With zero creating cost, it might a bit disappointing but it gets the work done.

3. Online Templates

– The other options include searching online for outro templates. These may or may not cost you money, depending on your taste, but are a very good investment if you intend to use the same template for almost all of your videos. Quality content. Templates range from $5-$10 but are worth the exchange considering their unique design and usefulness.

4. Computer Softwares

– You can even download some well-known computer software to efficiently and effectively edit your videos and create your own outros/templates in them.

What are some computer softwares I can use?

a) Adobe Premier – This gives you the freedom of working on any operating system you choose. Be it Windows, MacOS or Linux, this is meant for all and is very widely used by most of the content creators. Adobe already has an image for itself when it comes to creative arts, take it by the word of mouth, you will not be disappointed. However, you will have to subscribe to Adobe’s services first to access this software.

b) Sony Vegas Pro – This is probably the most professional software that one you use. With nothing it can’t do, SVP is a great software with the intention to help the professionals create content without any hiccups. The one MAJOR downside to this software is its price. It is extremely pricey. However, the functionality this software provides is unmatchable.

I use an Apple PC…

c) iMovie – This is a free software by Apple’s Developer Team for the new content creators. It is very easy to use but provides everything you’d require to kick start your channel. However, it can only be accessible if you own an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac, MacPro). Also, it can directly be downloaded from the App Store and first-time users are also given a slight walk through with the basics. You really can’t go wrong with this.

d) Final Cut Pro – This is a paid software, again made by Apple, for a bit more experienced professionals or content creators. This is probably one of the most used editing software if you have an Apple machine (MacBook, iMac, MacPro). Although it is a bit on the expensive side, the millions of downloads it has already had from the App Store sure tell a very satisfying story. And Creators say, and I quote, “FCP is one of the easiest to use software for professionals with beast functionality. In fact, it has top-notch optimizations. It is definitely better than Adobe’s Premier solely because of how well this is optimized for the Mac.”


In the end, it is entirely up to you. We would suggest you to start working towards creating a YouTube outro, or a better outro (if you already had one), just to induce your viewers to eagerly wait for your content. After all, your livelihood depends on it.