Essential Logo Design Tips And Techniques

Are you looking at designing a logo for your business or venture – these tips are here to ensure you create something awesome.

Identify The Target Market

The logo design process starts by having the client provide you with a creative brief. Before you begin working on the design, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the information in this brief. Learn everything you can about the business, including the types of products or services that it offers, its primary competitors, and its target audience. Talk to your client about the overall message that they are trying to portray.

Search For Inspiration

Inspiration comes from many different places. Spend some time looking at existing logos for other businesses, noting what you like and don’t like about each. However, be careful – you should only use these logos for inspiration and should never copy them too closely. Consider looking at other types of images to get inspired, as well. You can use everything from historic symbols to typography as inspiration.

Involve Your Client In The Process

Talk to your client about their ideas and objectives. Listen closely to what they have to say to get a better idea of what they are looking for. Try to incorporate their ideas into your design in a way that is both attractive and effective. Your job is to refine the client’s ideas, turning them into a high-impact design.

Sketch Your Ideas

When you are first generating ideas, try using a pencil and a piece of paper rather than a computer. Sketching is a fast and easy way to get your ideas down. Don’t get too fussy about this part of the process. You can always tweak your ideas once you start creating them on the computer.

Skip Designs That Are Too Trendy

Trendy designs may look great today, but they rarely age well. Give your client a design that will last rather than jumping on the latest trend.

Use Color Wisely

Oftentimes, clients will already have an existing color scheme that you have to work with according to imagegroup. In some cases, however, you may have to come up with a color scheme of your own. Educate yourself about color, finding out the underlying meaning behind each color as well as its psychological effects. The effect of different colors on people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors has been extensively studied. You can use this to your benefit when designing a logo.

Put Careful Thought Into Choosing The Right Typeface

The typeface that you choose can make or break your logo. Skip fancy or over-the-top fonts, opting instead for classic fonts that won’t go out of style. Make sure that the overall look and feel of the font fits well with the image of the company.