Looking for vendor/freelancer to develop a personal trainer software platform (web and mobile) by abiding the project management and governance rules and working on the parameters that adhere to all the other requirements that have been mentioned in this RFI.

Functional Requirements

Following are the functional requirements for personal trainer software platform in scope:


  1. Client Management- Track client information and their results. Clients can log in to view shared info & pay you online.


  1. Workout and Nutrition Scheduler- create & assign your own Workout Plans from hundreds of exercises, including descriptions and videos. Build & assign your own Nutrition Plans from thousands of ingredients which include Macronutrients.


  1. Rate/package Configuration- Setup and sell your own Package & Membership offerings


  1. Billing


  1. Payments & Collection Management- Collecting payments from your clients is a breeze, our payment systems accept Credit Cards & Direct Debiting.


  1. Alerts (push notification, SMS, Email)- Reminders etc.


  1. Dashboards
    1. Gym dashboard
    2. Customer dashboard


  1. Reporting


  1. Financial Management


  1. User Access Control


For reference purposes only, kindly refer to the variety of the personal trainer software available in the market such as Trainerize or PTminder etc.

Project Execution, Management & Governance related Requirements

Project Management

It is expected that the software development methodology to be followed should be Agile Methodology. If the respondent believes to counter with any other methodology, it is expected to be produced with the rationale behind the suggestion.

Project Timelines

The project duration of this project plays a very crucial role hence its expected that the proposed implementation timelines should be between 2 to 3 months. In addition to System Warranty and Support. However, If the respondent believes to counter with any other timelines, it is expected to be produced with the rationale behind the suggestion.

Mandatory Tools to be leveraged

It is expected that during the development of the personal trainer software platform, the following are the tools to be leveraged, but not limited to:


Task Details

Github → Bitbucket.



Project breakdown, Timeline, task details and sprint planning


Beta build distribution and crash reporting

Asana→ Jira → Bugzilla

Converts all test failures and beta results into bugs and manages their bug fixing along with developer


Server, and Datacenter


Communication channel. 

Respondent Response

For responding to this RFI, kindly adhere to the following instructions and respond to the clarification mentioned below as part of your RFI response.

Clarification Questions

·        Clarify the project management methodology and timelines proposed for this implementation.

·        Please provide two (2) one-paragraph success stories (not more than 150 words each) that highlight how you have helped a client achieve his/her objective that is like the scope mentioned above. And explaining what methodologies you used for software development and what platforms were leveraged to complete that project.

·        Please provide a write-up on your experience in handling similar implementation with the said features above.

·        If you have any experience of working with the clients in health & fitness industry and how well do you understand the requirements.



  • A tentative process of evaluation and timelines:

1.      RFI response submission last date (31st May 2018)

2.      RFI response evaluation (20th May 2018- 1st June 2018)

3.      Shortlisted respondent interview-1 (20th May 2018- 6th June 2018)

4.      Shortlisted respondent interview-2 (20th May 2018- 8th June 2018)

5.      Contract award (9th June 2018)

Contact Details:

For any clarifications or response, drop a message.