Let’s face it! 

No one “reads” online anymore. People “scan” information. 

And Google, a machine, is the first checkpoint for your articles. So, your blog reaches your target audience at the mercy of Google’s algorithm. 

Manipulating Google’s algorithm is a skill that I have studied and perfected in the last five years!

Organic growth of your website is only possible with SEO content. But, SEO writing isn’t merely stuffing in keywords in your post. That does not work anymore! Neither does writing as a muse. (Unless you are a renowned personality. And your fame precedes your writing.) 

SEO writing is a delicate balance between many elements. Picking the perfect headline, writing an optimized first paragraph, and keeping your content crisp is all part of this game. 

And that too isn’t enough. Breaking down your article into sub-sections (H2s and H3s), adding images, infographics, and embedding related videos are necessary to rank higher.

All of this manifests in the perfect article. With the right keyword research and intent analysis, Google WILL favor your post over your competition. 

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