The principle of this service is simple, you send me a message with the content of your time capsule and you tell me how, when and to whom you want me to send it, I send the time capsule on the requested date by email or social network/instant messaging (+5$).
Content of the capsule

  • Any file.

Conditions of sending

  • If I’m still alive (I’m young but we’ve never…).
  • The account name or email address is valid.
  • If registration is required to communicate with you, it is free and possible from France.
  • The person who is to receive the capsule accept my invitation if it’s necessary to communicate.
  • The messaging service is still functional.
  • I can’t guarantee sending the capsule about the third world war, nuclear wars, alien invasions, failed black hole project, civil war or other small problems like that.

Prohibited Content

  • Illegal content in relation to the laws of your country and France (any illegal content will be reported to the appropriate authorities).
  • I am not responsible for the content sent.

Structure of the time capsule

  1. A message informing that it is a time capsule.
  2. A main message you choose (if you want one).
  3. The files, if any.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!