1. I will translate fast and professionally any text from Romanian to English or from English to Romanian, from 1000 to 4000 words, regarding any domain. I am a native Romanian student who loves writing and, in fact, studied in a special bilingual domain in high school, focused on English. I have a wide experience in translating on areas such as business, cosmetics and medical articles and I do it because it is one of the things I love. Additionally, you can ask me to continue the article or to write it. The price is actually based on what I experienced and on how previous orders showed what my skills value. There is NO SOFTWARE I use, everything is made MANUALLY in Microsoft Word or, if needed, other programs that do not have the ability to correct or to suggest translations. Additionally, I can provide DIACRITICS (Ă, ă, Î, î, Â, â, Ş, ş, Ţ, ţ), which I strongly recommend, because it makes the text more accurate. Can’t wait to start your orders! Thank you!