I am Ayan Choudhury, a Tech-Entrepreneur, Designer from Kolkata, India. I do freelancing works (mainly Designs) as designing is my passion. There are thousands of agencies and freelancers offering logo design services, and having the opportunity to put a proposal in front of you is an honor not taken lightly.

While pricing is an obvious factor when choosing someone to hire for design services, there are a few other factors which you should consider as well. In this proposal, I’ll explain what those are, why they matter.

I mainly look into this factors before starting designs:

1. Understanding Your Need

2. Understanding Your Concept and Ideas regarding the design

3. Review & Revise

4. Complete Flawless Delivery

Here are a few key reasons why you’d benefit from hiring me over any other freelancer:

1.   I will keep you involved in every step of the process. This improves results and makes the entire design project progress faster

2.  Your design will be entirely original and crafted by me with an experience of more than 5 years in every design subfields

3.  Your design will be more than a flashy graphics- it will be a powerful visual manifestation of your brand’s identity

4.   I staff will communicate with you in a prompt, professional manner throughout the project

You can know about me here – ayanchoudhury.github.io

You can get my works here – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jMAymIEkD0mbjjmcI_sdyfN07cjG5-at?usp=sharing