Proficient in

1. Indian English Accent

2. US English Accent

3. Cleaning Audio, noise levels reduction

4. Grammar and Proofreading.

NOTE-We will only provide you with a raw transcript of whatever you have said in your audio or video. There will be no time stamping unless mentioned specifically. Charges are based on 1 Audio hour and not general time hour.

UNIQUE ADD-ONS- Apart from transcriptions we also offer the following add-ons which can be mentioned additionally-

    1. Proofreading
    2. Conversion of output in Word/PDF/EPUB and other industry standards
    3. Audio Editing.
    1. Proofreading- For grammar and spell check. This is to ensure that you don’t have to spend time rechecking your document. (It is to be noted that we transcribe whatever you have said in your audio. So we only check for words and spelling mistakes. Analysis of sentences can be requested additionally)
    1. Output Format- Now you can request your output in WORD, PDF, EPUB and other such formats based on your need. You need to mention the desired output you want before the beginning of the project.
    1. Audio Editing- We offer a unique add-on in the form of audio editing. This includes cleaning your audio for noise distortions or canceling background noise. Audio editing improves your recording clarity and increases the accuracy of transcriptions rates. This Add-On can be ordered on demand.

PAYMENT DETAILS- The current industry standard for transcribing audio is 1 dollar per 1 minute. This equals 60 dollars per hour. We offer quotations starting at 15 dollars per hour, which is way more affordable than the industry standards.

Based on the complexity of the project and the number of functions required, the charges and time of delivery will be decided accordingly. No hidden charges and all charges will be finalized before the project. All charges will be based on one audio hour and not the real-time hour. As a student, I can understand regarding the budget limitations, so if you are a student, we can also discuss possible discounts.

What will I need from you to get started?

1. Clean audio

2. A complete description of the final output

3. Deadlines for the project.

IMAGES- See images from Services page.