I am a software engineer with 6+ years of experience in Oracle Database. 

I build SQL/PLSQL scripts using TOAD, SQL Developer, and PL/SQL Developer.

Work I can assist you with (PL/SQL):
– Whatever comes under Oracle : Program with PL/SQL certification.
– I will fix technical bugs in your SQL and PL/SQL codes by using advanced oracle supported functionality to make it robust. 
– I will do performance tuning of your queries to drastically improve its data extraction time .

Can work on large/medium system analysis, development and maintenance projects,  as an individual contributor or as a part of the team.

Available to work on short tasks and, can also mentor and train you on the areas of my expertise.


Please contact me before you order, to avoid confusions.
That would be easy for me to estimate the time & cost of the task.


Please do not assume my availability, and let me estimate the task for time and cost before you place an order.

I always do my best to provide the highest quality work to my clients, so please place an order with confidence.