Heading– Apply SPSS to Simplify your Data

About Myself- Major in Psychology. Currently continuing my Ph.D.

Hello Everyone. I hold a Psychology Master’s Degree & this has provided me with knowledge from a variety of areas including Research Methodology, Statistics, and Methods of Research in Social Sciences. Currently, I am pursuing Ph.D. Completing my job in a nice and robust manner is my main priority. I specialize in Research Methodology, mainly with Data Analysis using SPSS.

Experience in using SPSS Solutions for

1. Thesis/Dissertations

2. Seminar Papers

3. Independent Research Work

4. Field Study- Data Transcription & Data Analysis


I will focus on simplifying your raw data using SPSS. Currently, I work on SPSS Standard version. The following statistical functions will be available to analyze the data-

1. Correlation

2. Regression

3. ANOVA- Both 1 way and 2 way

4. T-test

5. Chi-Square Tests

6. Simple Graphs

7. Graphs in a comparable format

8. Help with allocating scales to variables in SPSS

Apart from above, other statistical functions may be accepted based on interaction with the client. In general, I will not interpret your data in words, unless specified particularly. I will create tables or graphs from raw data and leave the interpretation part for you. In case you want me to interpret the data, we will discuss it during the project planning stage.

UNIQUE Add-ons-



INTERPRETING RESULTS- Results interpretation is what decides the whole outcome of your project. If you are having difficulty interpreting the SPSS outputs, then you can mention for interpreting the results. Note that while interpreting, I will interpret the tables, graphs and obtained results. If you have not mentioned for interpreting the results, I will deliver SPSS output tables only.

GRAPHS-While simple graphs are quite easy, drawing graphs for comparing variables on the same axes is somewhat difficult. You can mention drawing graphs for your results as an Add-On, provided you must mention what variables to select for X, Y or Z axes. If you are not sure about this, a general rule of thumb is to select your independent variable/s IV on X-axis and your dependent variable/s, DV on Y axis.

PAYMENT DETAILS- Based on the complexity of the project and the number of functions required, the charges and time of delivery will be decided accordingly. Extra charges will be applicable for Add-Ons (For Interpreting the results and Drawing of Graphs). No hidden charges and all charges will be finalized before the project. As a student, I can understand regarding the budget limitations, so if you are a student, we can also discuss possible discounts.

What will I need from you to get started?

1. Data in Excel format or SPSS formats

2. List of all variables to be used including their scales if possible.

3. Exact statistical functions that you need to analyze your data.

4. The format of output, whether tables only or tables with graphs

5. Your estimated budget or estimation for the project.

6. Time of delivery.

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