By purchasing this you will receive a contract drafted by me and my charge is much lesser than that of regular Attorney/ Barrister!! And you will receive complete complimentary support for 3 days from first draft.

Feel free to request for customized offers, I will try to adjust for best result

And the work will be completed my me and at my end , guaranteed !!and will not be outsourced so you can trust, that your data will not be moving any further! and hence no worries!

My work involves drafting and review of the legal work including Intellectual Property law, law relating to domain names and website terms, etc and i provide legal and business advises and I consider quality over quantity.

Although you can actually order anything and everything under the SUN to get it drafted but for convenience I am listing a few hot picks!

1. Contracts

2. Engagement Terms

3. Web Terms including policies, yes data protection, privacy policies, tracking and disclosure are included

4. Ecommerce Site terms

5. SLA


7. NDA

8. NNN

9. Partnership Terms

10. Lease

11. Cease and Desist Letter

12. Legal Notice

13. Responding to Legal Notice

14. Any other correspondence

15. Fraud investigation in my immediate geographical location i.e. in India

Anything else under the purview of legal drafting, advisory and support

Typically I can deliver within 48 hours and if you are in hurry I can deliver within 5 hour-26 hours even! But please note it will attract separate charge, I cannot draft more than 6 page in case of quick drafting but re-draft will not be chargeable separately( 3 free redraft in case of quick drafting only otherwise 1 free redraft)

Please note you are entitled to 2 free redraft/review if you require any extra rework or review then it will be charged separately

In any case if you require immediate review and amendment can be completed (in 30 minutes) if you pre
-schedule and pay accordingly. Page length subject to mutual agreement. Fees quoted are best fees only.