Job Description

Minimum Qualifications Summary

Certification & Education

  • Minimum of a master’s degree in Genetic, Public Health or Biology

Experience Required

  • Experience analyzing medical records to determine outcomes associated with prenatal exposures.
  • Knowledge supporting SET-NET, MAT-LINK and other birth defects surveillance activities.
  • Experience maintaining data quality through training and assessments.
  • Experience performing data collection compliance, system implementation, including design, testing, installing and maintenance of the surveillance system.

Job Objective

The purpose of this requirement is to support CDC in its effort to gather and analyze data from longitudinal pregnant people and infant surveillance and Birth Defects surveillance/registry systems, as well as provide services to support CDC activities related to neonatal abstinence syndrome to make use of existing state bio surveillance and other surveillance tools to improve voluntary, de-identified prenatal and newborn health data. Data may include opioid-related information before and during pregnancy to reduce risks associated with neonatal abstinence syndrome and optimize care.


  • Use existing medical record data and other collected health information to determine the full spectrum of possible adverse infant and child outcomes associated with prenatal exposures
  • Provide input, advice, and support to SET-NET, MAT-LINK, and other birth defects surveillance related activities including the preparation of reports, presentations, and papers for publication in scientific journals and the development of guidance and other communication materials for a clinical audience
  • Provide expert clinical review for accuracy and completeness of to SET-NET, MAT-LINK, and other birth defects surveillance data and support efforts to maintain and improve data quality through training and ongoing assessments including review of processes and procedures, clarification of case definitions, and review of data submission requirements
  • Support clinical components of the program, including mentoring of clinicians and scientific staff involved with collection and interpretation of clinical data
  • Serve as a point of contact for health care providers and provide technical support to the providers

Education & Certification

Minimum of a master’s degree in Genetic, Public Health or Biology

Work Location

Atlanta, GA (Eligible for telework)

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