Tip On Doing ICO Public Relations That Yield Success

Tip On Doing ICO Public Relations That Yield Success
Most successful ICO campaigns are a product of great promotion. Nevertheless, the campaigns never lack challenges and attaining the desired attention is through overcoming these hurdles. ICOs were once a vibrant and exciting answer to promotions that were somewhat a guaranteed success. A good example was Mastercoin back in 2013. How things have changed since then.

The influx of bogus tokens and many Ponzi-schemes led to the distrust in many people for ICOs and regulators have also stepped in to clean up the mess. That said, ICOs are not as tainted as many people would like to believe. If are considers to run an ICO campaign using PR, you will have to contend with some of the following challenges:

  • Does Your Project Even Exist?
    Nowadays, journalists are not into writing pieces based on fake promises and speculation. In as much as ideas are the start of the journey to success, they are viewed as cheap and will not be a worthy news story if they are not birthed into reality.
  • Bans On Advertising And Regulatory Restrictions
    Google, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the leading social media channels that banned ICO adverts. Moreover, SEC and other regulatory agencies have tightened the noose on ICO promotion thus necessitating the need to exercise caution when thinking of running an ICO campaign.
  • Consumer Mistrust
    ICOs are relatively an unknown subject to the average person, and the same goes for blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. But global buzz created by bitcoin over the last two years has pulled down the curtain and unveiled what these technologies are. However, it comes with its fair share of scam tokens, price volatility and other risks that make many people think twice before getting behind a new coin.As such, you will have your work cut out for you when trying to build trust and earn the support of your audience even when running a strong PR campaign to validate your project.
  • Split-Minded Audiences
    The uncertainties surrounding the volume of potential audiences is yet another challenge in successfully funding an ICO campaign. On the one hand, you have to contend with token investors seeking to make a quick buck in a big way, and on the other, you have individuals or parties who are genuinely interested in your project and its functionality. The two are entirely different audiences.

In short, your approach towards funding your ICO campaign should see you appeal to both the seasoned investors while also rallying the support of new interests to participate in furthering your project.

PR Advice To Overcome These Challenges

Hoping that the above information paints a clear picture of the ICO PR landscape, you next agenda is to know and understand the various challenges and how to navigate through them on your journey to success. You can achieve that by employing the following strategies that will ensure you stay on track.

  • Allocate The Right Budget

    It may sound obvious; making money is at times pegged to spending money. A press release, though done with good intentions, may not suffice if you are seeking to have a monumental impact. The right strategy concerning the much to spend and how is governed by time and proper planning, knowing that it all will cost you something.

  • Assemble A Strong Team

    Do thing on the premise of how seasoned investors sniff out a token that has the potential for growth; have your PR campaign running along similar lines. In essence, you will need excellent support staff, a goal-driven team of individuals with the necessary smarts regarding the blockading and cryptocurrency landscape.

  • Have A Top-Shelf Website

    With the goals being to drive attention to your ICO, you should have your best foot forward as you push to attain the trust and support of your backers. Gain such, and it will play a significant role in proving your validity to influential journalists and publications.Start with a great website that you be in development that will showcase your ICO even before the ICO project gets past the beta stage. It will help in sparking an interest in the journalists and editors when you do your pitch.

  • Write And Keep Writing

    The objective of most PR strategies is to get mentioned or recognition from a top-tier publication, but there is more to it than that. Such a goal may be okay, but it should not be the ultimate objective. Firstly, the content you create should showcase you and what you have to offer and are about. Secondly, it should be informative and address specific issues or offering solutions.All in all, you should get it right when writing and should keep at it until you war through the keyboard. Do not feel like all you are doing is writing articles and blog posts, commenting and sharing on social media or replying to emails. Even if you will extra fingers and creative minds helping you with the content, keep at it; it will all pay off. Those seasoned investors you seek may be only one article or press release away.

  • Understand Your Audience

    Never downplay the importuning of knowing and understanding who you are speaking to; this is essential in knowing how you will appeal to them. Keep this in mind when pitching to a journalist or editor. Are you targeting people who are worried about identity theft? Or are you reaching out to the seasoned crypto audience that desires to understand the merits of your token? Whichever the target, the essential thing is to identify elements in the story that will appeal to that specific audience.

  • Tell Great Informative Stories

    Most journalists will not show any interest in the fact that you are interested in ICO because you are just among the more than 900 others already in the game. So, you should employ something different, insightful, that will part a new angle of looking at ICO. For instance, consider explaining how ICO is bound to impact the world and not just about your launch but why the interest in the first place.

  • Establish A Personal Brand Behind The Business

    As the founder of the ICO project, you should have a personal brand that is associated with the success of the campaign. The same goes for any of the co-founders. People may be encouraged to invest if they check and find trustworthy credentials of the token’s founders. You can kick things off by guest posting and showcase your expertise on different topics. It will help establish you as an authority in your niche while also aiding in raising awareness about your product.

  1. Leverage PR In Every Level Of Your Marketing Pyramid

    Do not put all your ICO project hopes in PR. The PR should support the project as well as other crypto marketing channels. In short, play the game smart without overpromising. The failure of most ICO start-ups is not only due to lack of marketing but also excess marketing that’s poorly done; this is according to The Divi Project co-founder and lead developer, Nick Saponaro. Nick suggests that an ICO should account for the doubt and risk (uncertainty) people have.