How It Feels to Be a Freelancer and a Single Mom/Dad at the Same Time

Being a single mother or a single father is a rather tedious job. There’s a lot that you have to account for before being able to look after your child. On top of it are the added expenses you have to consider further. Your child’s well-being is entirely in your hands – nutrition, healthcare, education, entertainment, etc. To handle all these expenses, you’ll essentially have to work at one point in your life. It really is true that working as a single parent has a lot of advantages and exclusivity. However, it also comes with a lot of additional stress, anxiety, and rigidity. You’ve to look after the house, be aware of your work situations, look after your child, and look after yourself. While it may sound easy upon hearing, the final result is a lot more tensed than it seems now.

The one option which a lot of single working parents opt for is freelancing. For those who have no idea what freelancing is – it is essentially a work-from-home job with added benefits. It is just the start where most freelancer initially struggles. Once your freelancing career kicks off upon being hired by clients, you can choose when to work, where to work, and for whom to work. Not only do you get the freedom to choose your profession, but you can also choose to do multiple jobs at the same time to earn a steady income. But it really is important to get started. If you’re new to this entire concept, worry not, we’re here to clear out all your queries. All your specific dilemmas will be catered to in this particular article. Read on.

Factors of being a freelancing single parent

Work-Life Balance – Working isn’t much of a problem unless you’re a single parent. Your paycheck is more important than ever before. After all, the well-being of your child is primarily dependant on it. However, in the gist of working to earn more and more to provide a comfortable enough life for your child, you tend to forget that you need the welfare too. You need to devote the equal time to your job, your child, and yourself. A particular increase in any one will lead to stress in the remaining two. It is only when you hit the right balance that you truly enjoy what you do. And if you enjoy what you do, you’ll get the freelancing job you want through your work. Clients will always choose a person who enjoys and likes what he/she does.

Travelling – While in freelancing, travelling isn’t much of a problem if you’re in the corporate or editorial sector, it arises when you’re into creative¬†fields. This usually and mainly involves videography and photography as a freelancing profession. You’ll need to travel to a particular location to get one specific type of shot or shoot a particular event, specific person, or a particularly timed shot. You can either take your child alongside you or arrange for a nanny. The choice is entirely up to you. However, if you’re interested in the more corporate and work-from-home friendly jobs, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Child Care – Even if you’re a work-from-home contract holder, you would want to consider hiring a nanny for your child. This should help you in not only taking your mind of your child and focussing on your work but also in being extremely productive with zero worries. Being in the working zone will help you in finishing your assignments quicker and with the least amount of errors. This will mean more finished assignments over a short period of time and more clients to tend to. All this directly correlates with the type and quality of projects the different types of clients will be providing.

The main factors

While all these factors do influence your performance on-the-job, there are crucial factors that would’ve otherwise been included if they weren’t extremely important.

Personal Time – In-between of working your projects, looking after the house, and taking care of your child, a lot of times working parents tend to forget that they didn’t tend to themselves. This only builds up over time to an elevated stress level and ends up in you having to backtrack from everything. Instead of having health issues in the long run and avoiding stress, you might want to consider taking care of your personal – physical and mental – health. Self-well-being should be amongst your topmost priorities. It is you who has to handle all the work and stress.

Meeting your child’s needs – While working from your home is a huge benefit you get while working as a freelancer, the expectations your child has, also increases. You need to devote ample time to them too. Spending no time at all doesn’t really make sense when you’re working from your home. There will practically be no difference between your current status or your status if you were hired full-time in a corporation. As you spend more time with your child, the overall well-being and mental development of your child also increases. After all, who doesn’t like feeling loved? However, focus on work when you really have to. As explained in the previous points, finding the right balance is essential. If needed, you can even use personal alarms for children in order to constantly remind yourself to take a break and spend time with your child and look after it.

Pros of being a single parent while also being a freelancer

Potential – There’s a lot of growth as well as earning potential in the projects you’ll be getting as a freelancer. For a working parent, the aim is to earn higher as they age up to support their child’s growing needs. This can only be possible if they work towards bettering their already acquired skills. However, they can still learn new skills from their previous jobs. This just helps in the long run.

Burden – There is literally no burden on you – well not much anyway. You can work-from-home and subsequently cater to the needs of your child. This is the ideal form of a working environment for you as a freelancing professional.

Work experience – With each project you say yes to, your entire work experience increases. Your skills are further polished.