Work completion in less then 24 hours !!!

I am experienced with Linux Server Administration 5+ years, I will setup and configured Cloudflare CDN (Content Delivery Network) for your website blog to increase speed, increase security, better control, DNS management, monitoring of websites status and many more.

What Cloudflare provides ?

Accelerate speed of website massively by loading content from server closer to the visitors.
Reducing bandwidth consumption by providing cache contents.
Secure and Protect websites against malicious visitors/bots and harmfull contents.
Provides report for bandwidth saved and attacks prevented.

Note :- Clouflare also provides free SSL to use with any of website.

What this service includes ?

Creating/Helping to create a CloudFlare account.
Setting DNS records to point to Cloudflare
Enabling/Disabling Cloudflare cache for specific url/subdomains.
Setting up free Clouflare shared SSL.
Setting up Page Rules (Redirection/Rewrite of any of domain/Url as per your requests.)

Please contact with me before ordering the service.

100% Money back Guaranty if you are not satisfied !!!