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Does Broxer add processing fees to an order?

No, we don’t add any processing fee to an order and we will not add it until it is needed in actual. Moreover, if added, it will not be there to make profits.

How Broxer commission works and how much commission it charge?

Broxer charges 2% on seller’s price and the buyer pays that commission. The seller gets the full amount of his/her service. Transactional charges may add to the total amount depending on payment method. You can find all options and their particular rates here.

What are the payment methods available on Broxer?

You can pay by Bank Transfer, Paypal, PayUMoney and Credit Cards. Find all options here.

Is it free to register on Broxer?

Yes, you can register for free on Broxer. You only pay if you buy any service.

How bank transfer works?

When you order any Job using bank transfer, you will get the bank account details (on email as well as on Broxer). You need to transfer the order's amount to the mentioned account. For now, we support bank transfers from Indian Banks Only. Foreign Bank's Transfer will be added soon. Your order will only start after the confirmation of payment.

What if I can't pay in INR?

If you can't pay in INR or Indian Rupee, you can select PayPal as the payment method. Paypal supports lots of currencies. We convert INR to USD and you can pay accordingly using PayPal.

What if my order is not delivered in time?

For orders not delivered in time, the buyer gets the right to cancel it without any further explanation. However, with the mutual understanding, you can delay an order as much as you want.

What is the base price for a job? What are the minimum and maximum limits for it?

There is no maximum base price limit for a job. However, the minimum base price limit is ₹250 or INR 250.

How many revisions are allowed for a Job?

We don't allow any revision of any work. It depends on the particular order and seller itself. Please confirm with the seller before ordering any job.