Digital Marketing Impact on Social Media

Digital Marketing Impact on Social Media

Today digital greeting cards, invitations to a corporate event, press releases are often stripped of social networks. All the external media should be integrated to enrich them and make these new social spaces known. The Les Echos Solutions on the human as a factor of success of a digital strategy, to display a table of the evolution of the Facebook or Instagram followers, the article most read or a tweet about a collaborator valued on Twitter allows a better integration and associates all the staff to this adventure 2.0.

The profile of employees on social networks: the reflection of the company

A sentence on the rights and duties of the employee within the employment contract and the reference to the level of the social networks’ charter will prevent abuses on the titles proper to profiles of social networks. How would you like to ask a collaborator who indicates an erroneous and/or rewarding function on a social network to modify it, like the one who simply forgot his password on LinkedIn? Many have enrolled to find a new job, abandon it once repositioned. The Social Network especially Instagram and Facebook are private space.

Imagine an HRD wishing to signal to a social network the departure of one of his collaborators, the network in question will refuse any modification of the profile in question. Only the owner can modify his profile.

Present on the contract of employment and/or its endorsement, the title of a collaborator designates its exact function. Only this document is authentic. It corresponds in principle precisely to that of his business card, his signature mail and the intranet. If they are different, how could you require a collaborator to modify the one he uses on social networks?

This is rarely the case when an employee has several years of presence in the company or has changed jobs. The concern also comes from the acronyms, a DSI for Director of Information Services could be seen as a Director of IT Services, a DG for General Delegate … Thus, is observed on professional social networks.

This is how large consulting companies find themselves with a natural swelling of the number of their consultants on social spaces. Leaving the company whose name alone represents a very beautiful business card, to reposition itself requires no change to its old title. In the absence of a charter to define your obligations and rights, some take the opportunity to continue their mission using the name of their old brand.

When you open your account on Instagram, Facebook or any other Social media update your profile, the network in question identifies the name of the company you are entering and offers to join the existing community. It is still necessary to respect in detail the writing of the name of the company to allow an automatic connection. Benefits: The right logo and feed of news from the company page available to visitors on your profile.

The risk in the absence of a business page is the multiplication of visuals of the company, damaging to the digital identity of the company. The charter in place in the company will thus state the current logos allowed. We will soon deliver the key points to build a corporate social network charter.