Best South African Free Job Posting Sites

Best South African Free Job Posting Sites | Paid Job Post Sites


When it comes to finding the best job opportunities in South Africa, there are several job search websites and job portals available. However, one of the top choices for job seekers in the country is Google’s job listing service.

Google’s job listing feature allows users to search for job vacancies directly on the Google search engine, making it convenient and user-friendly.

Another popular job board in South Africa is Gumtree, a classified advertisement website that offers a wide range of job opportunities. Gumtree allows employers to post job advertisements without any fees, making it a cost-effective option for businesses.

Additionally, PostJobFree is known for being one of the best job advertising websites in South Africa. It provides extensive coverage of job listings and connects job seekers with various employment opportunities.

Overall, these job search websites and job boards make the process of finding employment in South Africa much easier and more efficient. 

So, let’s get started!

Best South African Free Job Posting Sites

1. Broxer: one of the best job boards in South Africa


Struggling to find the right employee for your business? Broxer is here to help. Broxer is an intuitive free job posting site that makes it easy to locate talented workers from around the world.

With a user-friendly interface and advanced search capabilities, this comprehensive job board enables you to quickly post jobs online at no cost. Plus, there’s a wide array of categories available so you can easily find the ideal skill sets and job roles to fill your vacancies.

From the US, India, Canada, Australia, and the UK to Europe, France, Germany, South Africa and more – Broxer connects employers with candidates in any location.

With its wide network of active participants and services, finding the perfect fit for any job is easy. The search process can be tailored to match a company’s specific requirements.

So if you’re looking to ramp up your recruitment process, Broxer has got you covered with its free job posting site and simple-to-use solutions!

2. Job Vine: best job posting site for employer

With over 1.7 million job seekers, 49 thousand recruiters, and 4.6 million job applications, it’s one of South Africa’s top job searching and posting sites. Companies and recruiters can advertise job openings for free on this platform.

It provides an easy-to-use platform for employers to post their job offers, find the right talent and manage their recruitment process.

It’s used by big and small businesses alike – and there are lots of options for everyone. So if you’re looking to hire employees, browse the site to find the right fit for you. Make JobVine your next stop for free South African job postings today!

3. Job Mail: best site for online job advertising

Are you looking for the best free job posting sites in South Africa? Job Mail offers a great solution! Unlike other recruitment agencies, they don’t require a placement fee. With them, you just pay a flat fee to get several screened applicants for your needs.

It doesn’t end there – they have unmatched and unique approaches to finding applicants that fit your requirements. They have a data pool of over a million applicants and use a meticulously intensive screening process to make sure you get the best results.

Job Mail will save you time on recruitment and help you find the right people quickly. It offers essential and master packages tailored to finding the right employees for your business.

Both packages provide essential video interviews and reference checks, as well as assessments like personality tests, communication assessments, and social media background checks.

Upgrade to the master package and you’ll get access to ITC checks, basic integrity profiles, attention-to-detail assessments, and criminal checks. Contact Job Mail today for pricing on their essential or master package.

4. Indeed: top job portal 

Indeed is one of the world’s most popular job sites, visited by over 300 million people each month. On Indeed, employers can post jobs for free – but these postings get swamped quickly. To make sure your list is seen by the right people, you can add ‘deal-breaker’ questions to it.

These are questions that only suitable candidates can answer. However, please be aware that some people have left mixed reviews about the site. Despite this, it’s still used by millions of employers and job seekers around the world.

This platform offers a unique pricing model so you only pay for results. With their Standard Job Post, pricing is free – and Sponsored Job Post from just $5 a day. Or you can create a custom Hiring Campaign to suit your needs.

Need to search their database of CVs? Get access for $100 per month / $960 a year (Standard) or $250 per month / $2,400 a year (Professional). Find the perfect candidate today at Indeed!

5. LinkedIn: best job search and posting site


Looking for a job in South Africa? LinkedIn is a top-rated platform to post positions and find qualified professionals. It’s free to join, so get an account and start connecting with potential candidates.

Employers can post their jobs for free, or upgrade to a plan that fits with their particular needs. You can select either a daily or total budget for your job promotion.

A daily budget will be charged based on your budget and the number of people who view your post. With a total budget, you’ll pay a fixed amount over approximately 30 days, depending on the number of people who view your post.

When your budget is used up, your job promotion will be paused.

6. Snaphunt

Snaphunt is a global recruitment platform to help employers find the perfect talent for their team. It can locate jobseekers by city, country, region, or time zone. With over 300 million potential candidates, it offers a comprehensive service for employers who need more than one location.

It lets employers post jobs for free and gives them the option to upgrade their account to access even more features. These features, which include conducting video interviews and automated reference checks, come with different subscription plans starting at $412.

They also offer tailored plans depending on your own specific requirements.


Looking for a job in South Africa? can help! It’s an online job board for employers and recruiters to post open positions, and for jobseekers to find them.

It’s a great and easy way to find the perfect job vacancy to fit your requirements. So why not start today and  start searching for the best talent!

Africa’s unemployment rate is high. My Job Search wants to help those seeking work and connect them with employers and recruiters. Their mission is to make the perfect job easy to find.

It’s their way of helping the 4.7 million + unemployed people in South Africa get back on their feet.

8. FlexJobs

If you’re looking for a job in South Africa, FlexJobs is a great choice. They have years of experience in helping employers and job seekers find remote or flexible positions.

Their services include recruiting, hiring, branding, and strategy — so no matter your industry, they can help. With their expertise and knowledge of the sector, they have helped thousands of companies all over the world with their hiring needs.

The platform was created in 2007 to make it easier for people to find professional remote and flexible jobs. It was founded by job space pioneer Sara Sutton, who had also started the first online entry-level job service back in 1995.

FlexJobs believe that technology can help support remote, freelance, part-time and flexible work, benefitting both employers and workers.

There are two packages available: one with basic features (free) and one with advanced features (paid). Let FlexJobs help find your dream job today!

Paid Job Posting Platforms in South Africa

1. Careers24


Are you searching for a job in South Africa? Careers24 is one of the top job sites in the region and a great place to start your search. Every month, it has a large presence on social media – boasting 91,000+ Twitter followers, 280,000+ Facebook followers and 614,000+ LinkedIn followers. 

Enjoy real-time responses and custom screening tools. Upload your job post with your logo for better visibility. Connect with potential employees who match your job description. Careers24 sends your ad to a host of leading online job sites for even more exposure.

For one job ad post, it’s R1 200.00 excluding VAT. If you want to hire more than one person, you can get discounts up to 20 job ads for R2 000.00 and 50 job ad posts for R4 000.00. If you’re interested in headhunting, you can search their database of over 3 million candidates.

Moreover, you get unlimited candidate searches and you only have to pay for the profiles you are interested in with automatic matching of similar candidates you like. For 10 CV’s, it’s R1 200.00 and for 100 CV’s, it’s R7 500.00 excluding VAT.

2. CareerJet

CareerJet is an online jobs search engine that has an extensive presence across the globe with over 40 million job advertisements from over 70 thousand top-quality websites all over the globe.

With more than 90 websites that are localized and 28 major languages, Careerjet provides job-seekers the ability to access a huge job database, specifically tailored to their requirements, with only one simple search.

Every day, thousands of job seekers have access to over 9 million job ads.

You can post jobs directly and be featured in the top search results with greater visibility. Plus, with job alerts sent directly to your inbox, it’s easy to find the perfect candidates for your work needs.

At only R900 for 30 days, CareerJet not only offers great cost-effectiveness, but a streamlined user-interface for easy management.  Best of all, its powerful search technology can help you find the best quality candidates no matter where you’re located.

Don’t wait! Start posting jobs and managing applicants on CareerJet today!

3. Executive Placements

Executive Placements is one of South Africa’s top job posting websites. With over 10,000 new openings each month, it covers all industries, roles and experience levels. Advanced filters make it easier to search for the right opportunity by salary, skills and location.

Plus, set up job alerts and get relevant matches sent straight to your mailbox. With millions of visitors a month, it’s easy to find the perfect candidate – applications arrive quickly too, with an average of 30 applications per job.

Advertise your jobs today and get access to 5+ million registered candidates and 90+ million job alerts.

Executive Placements offers 3 packages, perfect for your needs.  The first is their Two Jobs package, which includes a 30-day branded job posting, full CTS access and email responses, and email alerts.

This package can be used within 3 months and costs R3465.00 (including VAT). The second option is their Single Job package, for recommended use within one month.

This package includes a 30-day branded job posting with full CTS access and email responses, plus email alerts, and costs R1925 (15% off the original R1636.00 total, including VAT).

Finally, there’s their Three Jobs package which offers the same options as above but can be used up to 12 months and costs R4331.00 (including VAT). Get your job postings started with Executive Placements today!

4. Jobrapido

With job postings in over 58 countries, Jobrapido connects qualified and experienced candidates with employers quickly and effectively.

Plus, over 55 million monthly visits, 100 million registered users, and 60 million job alerts sent per day let you know that you’re not alone on your search.

The platform helps thousands of companies find the right talent each day. They have a profiled community of over 100 million job seekers, plus many affiliate partners.

Plus, they make it easy for you. You can post a job for free and get unlimited postings for free, too. And they have high-converting landing pages so it’s easy to track your progress.

Plus, they have a dedicated back-office so you stay in control. On top of that, you only pay for jobseekers who successfully find what they’re looking for.

Their tracking and reporting tools make it easy to follow your progress. Pricing starts at 99.99 – 350 pounds plus VAT, depending on which plan you choose.

5. Job Board Finder

Job board Finder makes it easy for recruiters to post a job. With their search engine, you can quickly and easily post jobs in over 200 countries. Plus, you have the option to pay online or get a quote by email with a response within 48 hours. 

Most of the time, the money you pay Jobboard Finder goes towards buying job postings in the lowest market prices. In some cases, such as in Asia, an extra 10% fee is charged to cover currency exchange and file processing. A minimum rate of 50€ is charged on job posts on free websites.


Bizcraft Recruitment Services is dedicated to providing the best job site in South Africa. Their rigorous 21-step process ensures that employers find candidates of the highest quality.

When you work with a Bizcraft recruiter, you can count on a streamlined process. They only take on one company at a time to ensure an easy and affordable recruitment experience.

Additionally, they offer dedicated hospitality recruitment services and equitable fees tailored to each client. So if you’re ready to find the perfect candidate with great rates and excellent service, look no further than Bizcraft and contact them for their pricing.

7. AllRemote

AllRemote can help your business find the right people no matter where they live. Their vetted talent is spread across 20+ countries, making it easier for you to find the right person within the time zone you need.

With just a few easy steps, your business can recruit, onboard, pay and manage great remote staff for any position, from PHP Developers to Marketing Executives. 

South African recruiters can get access to over 1M talented people – within days, not months. 62 happy clients have already found success thanks to AllRemoteBuild, and collectively they’ve saved over 13K hours.

There’s a 5 to 1 interview-to-hire ratio, and with their flexible monthly subscription option, there’s also no one-time success fee. Make your search easier with AllRemote!

8. BestJobs

BestJobs is the number one choice for recruiting in South Africa. With their cutting-edge technology, experienced team, and talent database, they can find the perfect fit for your job opening at a fraction of the cost.

Plus, you could save up to 1500 euro per role! On top of that, they help you hire 17% faster than other agencies. 

A hire plan worth 600 euro offers a dedicated agent to handle the recruitment process from posting to final interviews, as well as 3-5 qualified candidates or 300 credits back if there’s no hire.

With the Hire + plan worth 1000 euro, you can get full recruitment process takeover and a 50% discount for multiple vacancies. The plan also guarantees 100% credit back if there’s no hire: the most complete recruiting solution in South Africa.

9. CompuJobs

Are you a South African recruiter? Look no further than CompuJobs for the best job posting and pricing. Simply click on the “Post a Job” button and you’ll be guided through the easy process of getting your vacancies listed online. Don’t miss out – start posting today!

Single job postings start from 175 ZAR and bulk packages cost 1,200 ZAR. This service can help employers find high-quality candidates for a reasonable cost. Plus, it has handy admin features to make it easier.

10. Career Junction

Career Junction connects 3 million job seekers to employers who are looking to hire. With its cloud-based solutions, employers and job seekers can access employment opportunities easily and quickly since 1997.

Best of all, it’s South Africa’s top quality employment solution. So, if you’re an employer looking for talented employees, or, a job seeker hoping for a great opportunity – CareerJunction South Africa is the place for you!

Post 1, 2, or 3 jobs and save money the more you buy. Get one job posted for R1,794, two jobs for R1,702 each, or three jobs for R1,564 each. Don’t wait – sign up today!

11. is a paid job posting website for South African job seekers. With just one search, users can gain access to millions of jobs from thousands of websites. does over a million job searches each day and offers its services to six different languages across 18 localized websites.

Other than this, has access to over a million quality resumes across 15 countries. Their fast search tool lets you find precisely what you need, and there’s a free trial available.

You just have to fill out their contact form to find out the cost. Take advantage of this opportunity today and begin your search for the perfect candidate.


In conclusion, when it comes to the best job boards in South Africa, there are several options to consider. A job website in South Africa that stands out is one that offers the best job search experience.

It allows job seekers to easily navigate through various job listings and find jobs that suit their skills and qualifications.

A list of the best South African free job posting sites would include those that have a streamlined registration process for employers to post their job openings at no cost. 

By offering free posting services, employers have the opportunity to reach a wider pool of candidates. In turn, this provides job seekers with a multitude of job opportunities to choose from, increasing the chances of finding the perfect job.

Overall, the best South African free job posting sites successfully connect employers and job seekers in a seamless and efficient manner. 

Good Luck!

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