Best German Free Job Posting Sites

Best German Free Job Posting Sites | Top Paid Job Portals in Germany 2023


If you are looking for job opportunities in Germany or want to hire talent, there are several job portals that can help you start your job search.

Job websites like LinkedIn are widely used by professionals in Germany to find jobs and connect with potential employers. LinkedIn offers a wide range of job offers in various industries and allows users to showcase their skills and work experience.

Germany offers a strong job market and a thriving economy, making it an attractive destination for job seekers. Whether you are looking to hire talent in engineering, IT, finance, or any other field, you can find a wide range of job opportunities in Germany.

These job portals provide a platform for job seekers to find jobs that match their skills and interests and connect with potential employers. 

So, let’s get started!

Best German Free Job Posting Sites

1. Broxer: best job board in germany


With Broxer, employers don’t have to worry about posting jobs. It makes it easy to find the perfect candidate, anywhere in the world. You can look for people from the US, India, Canada, Australia, the UK, Europe, France, Germany, Brazil and beyond.

Broxer’s cutting-edge search capabilities and user-friendly interface make it easy to locate the best candidates for your needs. 

This innovative job board offers a wide variety of categories, so recruiters can find just the right fit. Plus, they can refine searches to only include candidates with relevant experience.

Employers from around the world have access to Broxer’s broad network of active participants and services in different industries. With Broxer, you can take your recruiting process to a whole new level! Try it out today – it’s free and easy to use.

2. Indeed 

Are you looking for the best job site to post an advert for hiring in Germany? Then look no further than Indeed. This website will help you find the perfect applicant for your job posting.

Plus, it’s free to post an advertisement! If you want to give your job advert extra visibility, however, you can always sponsor it.

With free access, you can upload job postings and even check out salary estimates. If you’re looking for an extra boost, try out featured job postings. They start at just 10 cents each click!

You can also add other features like employer branding and create company profiles – and make sure you’re connecting with the perfect potential candidates. 

3. LinkedIn: find jobs or hire talent

LinkedIn is the go-to place for businesses seeking new hires. It’s the biggest professional networking platform available, giving you easy access to potential candidates and a direct line of communication.

Plus, with over 10 million people ready to be hired, you can get access to quality, qualified candidates. You can even target potential matches by referencing LinkedIn’s unique data set on professionals.

Only pay for results; set your budget and you’ll get a good idea of how many applicants you can get!

With the targeted job promotion option you’re able to connect with candidates that have the right skills for your position. And over time their AI-powered recommendations get better and better, so you get the most suitable matches for you.

Plus, the platform makes tracking applications and hires hassle-free with its candidate management dashboard. The best part? It’s free to use. But if you want more visibility then you can opt for sponsored ads starting at just $5 a day. 

4. Job Cluster

With Jobcluster, recruiting teams and HR Managers can reduce their administrative effort. Since 2009, Jobcluster has been a top provider of recruiting technology in the German-speaking world.

Their solutions offer users know-how and the right cloud tools to manage their recruitment processes. 4,500 recruiters trust Jobcluster to make their recruitment simpler each day.

Upgrade your recruitment process with modernized, automated solutions – no matter when or where you are.

With over 13 years of experience in recruitment technology and optimization, Job Cluster offers free one-click access for recruiters. The plan doesn’t limit the number of users, job adverts or administration posts.

Recruiters can choose from more options like multiposting and receive pricing information on request. Get started now and find your perfect job in Germany.

5. top job posting site is an ultra-popular job search platform. 35 million jobs in 78 countries – that’s what offers. Each month, 28 million people visit the website looking for their dream job.

The best part? It’s free to post a job ad or search. Plus, it’s simple to use with useful analytic features. Plus, the audience is global.

Although there are a few disadvantages – limited visibility for ads alongside no resume database or candidate matching features – is still an awesome job search platform.

Get access to a more diverse candidate pool than ever before, helping you find the right person for the job quicker and easier.

Find niche candidates with special skills whose resumes would otherwise be overlooked. Increase your visibility through various traffic sources and within their wide-reaching partner network for even more hiring solutions. Hire faster and smarter – try today!

6. TalentsHunt is a global job portal that helps employers find the right candidates to fill their positions quickly and easily. In this ever-evolving digital world, employers need hardworking and talented people in order to keep up and succeed. allows employers to post jobs for free. With this platform, employers can rest assured that they will have the perfect employee for the job. 

It simplifies the process of finding and hiring the best talent. As a user, you can easily register and post job listings. You can also take advantage of the free interview scheduler to arrange interviews with potential candidates.

TalentsHunt helps companies get the right people for their organization quickly and without a high cost. Let TalentsHunt do the work for you and find the perfect candidate for your job.

7. Jobs Micro

Jobs Micro helps employers post jobs for free. It brings a wide range of features to make the recruitment process easier. It’s one of the best job-posting sites in the world – offering an intuitive dashboard so employers can manage their job postings, candidates, and more.

With Jobs Micro, employers have the flexibility to edit, renew, or delete job posts, while also having the ability to contact and shortlist potential candidates. 

Jobs Micro has a powerful online presence, helping your job postings reach job seekers worldwide quickly. Plus, there’s free candidate contact and no-hassle communication between employers and candidates—the best way to make things happen.

You won’t find this kind of convenience on any other free job posting website. With Jobs Micro, you get all the benefits of a premium website without the price tag. 6340 Jobs, 67 Resumes, 3046 Companies, and 24640 users make Jobs Micro a great choice for employers and job seekers alike.

Best German Paid Job Posting Site in 2023

1. Stepstone


StepStone is one of the best job boards in Germany for employers to post vacancies. Over 150,000 companies have used, with over 600,000 vacancies filled so far.

It’s incredibly easy for applicants to find an English language job – StepStone has 15 million monthly visits and 50,000 active vacancies in English each month.

It’s especially useful for American employers, as it’s not only available in English, but it also has a newsletter that reaches 5.9 million candidates. This makes StepStone the best way to connect with a large number of German job seekers.

With paid ads, you’ll have an advantage in the job market and gain access to over 700 other European job boards.

StepStone’s Company Hub allows you to share videos, images and employee reviews so potential applicants can have a better understanding of your company culture.

Their prices vary depending on who you want to target, ranging from Pro Campus (€149 per ad) for interns and students, Select (€299 per ad) for temp workers and warehouse staff, Pro (€1,349 per ad) for all professionals, to Pro Plus (€1,599 per ad) and Pro Ultimate (€2,199 per ad).

With StepStone, you’ll have an easier time finding just the right employees for your team.

2. Stellenanzeigen

If you’re looking for a job board to help you find the perfect candidates, look no further. Stellenanzeigen is one of the most popular job posting sites in Germany.

Statistics show that it has more than 3.5 million visitors a month, and it works with over 400 media networks and has 175,000 followers on social media. It’s easy to create an employer profile which will help candidates find you more easily.

You can also use Stellenanzeigen to create a powerful employer brand for your company. It offers the largest selection of potential candidates that meet your criteria, and you can opt for a direct mail service to contact them directly if you wish.

The platform has 3 different pricing plans for posting job ads. For a self-entry job advertisement, you can get 30 days for €799 plus VAT.

For an online job advertisement for 30 days, that’ll be €1,069 plus VAT. And for an online job advertisement for 60 days, it’s only €1,199 plus VAT. Get your job advertisement seen by more people today!

3. Kimeta

Kimeta is one of the best job-posting sites in Germany. It collects job postings from big companies, career pages and recruiters, all in one place.

With over 2.2 million openings to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Kimeta offers varied pricing plans depending on your needs, and you can even make custom packages. Plus, you can save templates for future posting, making every search more convenient!

Germany has some great websites for those looking to hire. Kimeta lets you post job openings and pay for them. It also has two different paid plans to choose from: Express Job Ads and Premium Job Ads. Express plans cost from €275 and Premium plans cost from €790.

4. Jobrapido

Jobrapido is a top choice for finding great German paid job postings. It’s a world leader in recruiting, with 3.5 million active visitors and 2.5 million jobs posted each month.

Over 2 million companies also use Jobrapido for their hiring needs. Whether you’re looking for people to work in call centers, retail stores, restaurants, or any other industry, you’ll find them here!

Choose from three paid plans to suit your needs. The single spot plan is €149.99 without VAT*. The two digit pack comes in at €279.99 without VAT*, and the five digit pack is €624.99 without VAT*.

Get the plan that’s right for you and get on the fast-track to your next career move. 

5. Job Vector

For engineers, computer scientists, physicians and natural scientists, Job Vector is the special job exchange. With satisfied customers from SMEs, corporations, universities and authorities, this service has won over 130 awards since 2012.

From its esteemed clients, Job Vector has earned a 94% satisfaction rate. So if you’re looking for a great job posting site in Germany, your search is over. Job Vector’s got you covered.

There are paid plans available, with prices starting at 955 €. These plans make it easy to post jobs and access advanced features. No matter what your budget is, there’s likely an option that can work for you. 

6. MapMeo

If you need to find German-speaking candidates, MapMeo is the job board for you. It covers Germany, Switzerland, and Austria and has over 120,000 job postings available – nearly 6,800 of which are in English.

The website is modern and easy to navigate, but it only supports the German language. So if you don’t know German, you may need to use Google Translate or employ a German-speaking recruiter.

With over 1,300 employers already using the platform, MapMeo can help you locate the top German talent fast.

Job postings are paid, but you can browse thousands of resumes and get access to contact information for individual resumes for 45 euros or pay monthly for the entire database.

This service offers ad distribution services, but there’s no option for free job postings. The pricing structure is also complex, as separate subscriptions are required for job posts, XML imports, and database access. Prices start from 79 CHF per month. 

7. Jobbö

Thousands of companies throughout Germany are utilizing Jobbö, one of the leading job boards in the country. It’s easy to create and post job ads—which then get posted to over 6,000 different professions.

For employers looking to hire outside of Germany, Jobbö is the place to find English speakers looking for work. Signing up is easy and free. For those wanting even more reach with their job postings, there’s the combined package.

Access even more specialty job boards and get better targeting for a low price of €495. Choose from a range of services, from simply posting your own ad on the site, which lasts for 30 days, starting at €90; to having a video job ad created and edited by the team over at Jobbö, starting at €150; or a fully designed ad with price tags starting at €295; all the way up to the combined package – your ad designed, published and cross-posted on other boards, starting at €495.

Make sure you make the right move when it comes to finding the perfect candidate for your open position. 


With over 75,000 resumes from Germany and nearly one million from all over the world, it’s one of the largest job boards around. There are also plenty of English-speaking job postings, with hosting around 490 right now.

Employers can also search the entire European database for the perfect candidate, or just look through German resumes. makes finding that ideal profile simple and fast with its well-organized indexing and search features. is the best job posting site for German employers. With three easy-to-understand base packages, you can find the plan that works for you and your budget. The Basic package lets you manage your job postings on your own, for €295 per ad for 30 days.

For those who need help designing and publishing their ads, the Premium package offers access to services provided by for €645 per ad for 30 days.

The Editing package includes customizable job ad templates and editing services from for €695 per ad for 30 days. Find the perfect match for your open position with! 

9. Arbeitnow

If you’re looking to hire local talent in Germany, Arbeitnow can help. It’s an easy-to-use job board that’s available in both English and German, making it accessible to recruiters from all over the world.

Arbeitnow has vacancies from all over Germany, with over 85,000 candidates visiting it each month. It’s especially popular with designers, tech professionals and other remote workers.

Make your recruiting process easier and journey through Germany’s talent pool with Arbeitnow today!

Arbeitnow offers German employers a reliable, efficient paid job posting solution. The service guarantees 30 days of exposure on its homepage as well as automatic posting to Google Jobs and email notifications to around 9,000 candidates.

Additional visibility is available via featured top search results and integration with popular ATS. Besides, employers may take advantage of Arbeitnow’s newsletter which reaches almost 10,000 applicants. Each job ad will cost €199.


Small and medium-sized businesses looking to recruit in Germany turn to Over one million job seekers view ads monthly on this job board which specializes in niche jobs for specific industries or geographic areas.

96% of employers and 94% of applicants are pleased with the site’s services and prices. If you’re a startup scaling up, may be right for you. You’ll find well over a 100 active English job ads posted here, but the site is only available in German.

However, when you post your ad it will get reshared by their partner network of 300 websites as well as mainstream social media platforms. That’s why is a great option when you want to reach a lot of top German talent. has 3 subscription options to offer companies looking for quality employees in Germany. The options vary according to the features you would like, with prices starting from €995 per month.

This includes a job ad on the website for a minimum of 60 days, plus reposting on the partner network.

It is even possible to completely customize your search plan with a performance campaign at €3,500 per month, adding reposting on Google Jobs and social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

There is also an option to set up a company profile for €1,490 per year, with your logo and employer branding managed by staff.

Although there is no built-in integration with any applicant tracking systems or CV database, offers great visibility for your ads which makes it popular with employers.


If your business is looking for employees, makes it easy to reach the right people for the job. With their reposting on 300 partner job portals, you can target your ads to specific professions for maximum impact.

Their sponsored posts are more affordable than ever! While most people using are based in South Germany, they’re working hard to expand their reach across the whole country. offers job postings that reach 300+ people, starting at €630 per post. For just €1,255 (for 30 days) or €1,385 (for 60 days), your ad can stand out with a custom design.

Plus, it will appear not only on, but also on and over 300 partner portals across Germany. Your ad will target the right people in the right industries – like IT, engineering, sales, and marketing – showing up in the most popular job search engines.

It will be shared to multiple selected partner portals for even more exposure.

12. provides job postings for the whole of Germany for just €550 a post. Posting job ads is simple and easy with their efficient interface.

They guarantee satisfaction: if you’re unable to fill the vacancy after your ad is published, they’ll give you an additional 30 days free of charge. All you have to do is make sure to let them know that you want to take advantage of the service before your ad expires. has been recognized by FOCUS Business as one of the top career portals for 2023! This award reflects a survey of personnel managers, personnel service providers, and job seekers who have all praised 

13. Jobs in Town

Looking for new employees? Use the internet to your advantage with Post job ads quickly and easily with minimal cost.

They’ll be seen on popular job portals like,,,,, and more – reaching thousands of potential applicants.

Plus, our regional portals like and are great for targeting local customers, and our Facebook and Twitter channels offer even more outreach – all free of charge! 

Jobsintown offers a service–free, custom job advertisements created in your company’s unique design. Each ad will be active for 30 days, and you can extend that time for up to a year with a 14-day “refresh.”

Prices are as follows: €698 for 30 days with one refresh; €1049 for 60 days with three refreshes; or €1490 for 360 days with 14-day refreshes. Make sure your next job search is simplified and cost-effective with Jobsintown.

14. Job board Finder 

Jobboard Finder lets recruiters post a job to over 200 countries worldwide. Paying is fast and easy, and you can even request a quote by email to get a proposal within 48 business hours.

When you choose Jobboard Finder, you get the benefit of global recognition, with the potential to expand your brand. Your job will be posted online in as little as 48-72 hours. Plus, thanks to their affordable prices, you’ll save time and money on your recruitment campaign.

In most cases, their quotes match the base prices of the media they purchase for you. However, in some more difficult Asian distributions, a 10% service fee is added. This fee pays for currency exchange and processing your file. Get a great deal with Job Board Finder! 

15. Xing

XING is a great way to build your network and help you find the job you really want. With 19 million members and 2.9 million monthly site visitors, you know you’ll find the right people. 60% of XING users are currently looking for new opportunities, and over 20,000 recruiters are just a message away. 

Get access to automated candidate suggestions, data-driven targeting, push notifications for interested talents, and messages to non-contacts – all for just 79 cents per click.

Or opt for a fixed price logo ad including logo and PDF for €395.00. No matter what you choose, Xing gives you the flexibility and control you need to find the perfect candidate quickly and effectively. Don’t wait – get started today!

16. Monster

Monster logo

Monster is a great place to start searching for jobs in Germany. Every day, more than 2,400 resumes are viewed by recruiters from all over the world. And with Monster, your job ad can be shared across 200 partner sites.

Plus, you can optimize your job ad for mobile devices, so you can reach people day or night. For just $15 a day, you can get started right away. Signing up for Monster’s Standard package ($399/mo) allows employers to post multiple job openings.

Opt for Premium and you’ll get even more options. Your job posts will remain available for 60 days and be valid for 12 months, while job seekers can use email alerts that match their profiles.

With Monster’s Response Management Software, employers can monitor applicants. The Magic Filter Technology provides an easy way to quickly find resumes that best fit your requirements. Try Monster Paid now and start recruiting today!


Thus, posting a job on popular German job search sites like Indeed and Upwork can significantly increase the chances of finding the right job in Germany.

These job platforms provide a plethora of job vacancies across various industries and job titles, catering to the needs of both employers and job seekers. Moreover, the availability of top talent on these platforms makes it easier for employers to connect with qualified professionals. 

However, it is essential for job seekers to learn German as it is the common language in the workplace and can enhance their possibilities of securing a job.

By applying to jobs through these platforms and continuously improving their German language skills, individuals can increase the likelihood of finding suitable employment opportunities in Germany.

Therefore, leveraging these online job search sites can be a valuable tool for those looking to find talent in Germany. 

Good Luck!

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